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Tourism Management

Tourism Management
An Introduction

Third Edition
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September 2022 | 480 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This introductory text provides readers with a robust understanding of tourism and its industries, including how destinations are developed, marketed and managed, and how tourism impacts communities, environments and economies. The authors discuss the critical issues affecting 21st century tourism, such as sustainability, the climate crisis, globalisation, community, technology, the environment and the sharing economy. The text has been fully updated in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and its notable, and in some cases lasting, impacts on the tourism industry.

The text features new mini-case studies (snapshots) and international case studies from countries around the globe including USA, Saudi Arabia, India, China, New Zealand, Australia, Namibia and the UK. It discusses the latest trends in transport, hospitality, attractions and the travel trade and includes examples from major tourism companies including, TUI and Airbnb.

The book is suitable for students who are starting their tourism studies as part of their college or university education.

Clare Inkson is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Course Leader of BA Tourism with Business at the University of Westminster, London.

Lynn Minnaert is the Academic Director and Clinical Associate Professor at New York University’s Jonathan M. Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism.

Tourism Overview
Understanding Tourism
Tourism Supply and Demand
Tourist Generating Regions
Tourism Demand
Tourism Suppliers
Intermediaries in the Tourism System
Impacts of TourismImpacts of Tourism
Tourism Destinations
The Economic Impacts of Tourism
The Social and Cultural Impacts of Tourism
Tourism Management and Marketing
The Environmental Impacts of Tourism
Tourism Marketing
The Management of Visitors
Public Sector Involvement in Tourism
Tourism Ahead
Tourism and the Future

The book is well put together. Very easy to understand, read, and teach. Very helpful resources came along with the book. My students really learned a lot.

Sarala Morrow
Hospitality & Tourism Mgmt Dept, Purdue University Northwest
January 19, 2023
Key features
  • Provides a concise but simple introduction to students with no prior knowledge of tourism management
    Plain language, case studies and snapshots mean it is easy for non-native English speakers to use the book
  • Supported by a collection of diverse international case studies
  • "Your Future in Tourism" section in Chapter 14 prepares students for employment in the tourism industry

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