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Transition to Professional Nursing Practice

Transition to Professional Nursing Practice

Second Edition
Edited by:

December 2020 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Provides final year nursing students with comprehensive guidance on how to make the leap from student to registered nurse, helping them to master the skills needed to progress from supervised to professional practice.

Packed with key information, theory and advice, this book covers essential topics such as leadership and management, decision-making, professional development, assessment, law and ethics. It also provides students with an insightful overview of global nursing, exploring the issues of nurse migration and outlining the specific requirements for registering as a nurse in countries outside of the UK.

To further support students in their learning, the book includes engaging activities that encourage critical reflection, real-life example scenarios to help with decision-making, and references to the author’s personal experiences of professional development.

Rob Burton, Graham Ormrod and Angela Darvill
Becoming a qualified nurse
Rob Burton, Graham Ormrod and Angela Darvill
Graham Ormrod and Rob Burton
Improving safety and quality of care
Graham Ormrod, Nichola Barlow and Rob Burton
Accountability and ethical decision-making
Graham Ormrod, Nichola Barlow and Rob Burton
Accountability, decision-making and the law
Rob Burton and Graham Ormrod
Leading, managing and working in teams
Rob Burton and Graham Ormrod
Learning, teaching and assessment in practice
Graham Ormrod and Rob Burton
Getting the job that you want
Val Ely, Rob Burton and Graham Ormrod
Preparation for personal and professional development
Rob Burton and Graham Ormrod
Global and international nursing
Graham Ormrod and Rob Burton

Burton and Ormond’s second edition reestablishes their book as the ‘go to text’ for both students and lecturers exploring the essential elements of transition to nurse registration.

The book continues to provide ‘on point’ accessibility with carefully laid out sections and activities – but, most importantly, this subject has been brought up to date in the quickly changing health sector. The content contains an impressive range of content from ethics, teaching and learning to global partnerships working. Links to both the most recent NMC guidelines, and essential literature that has been published since the first edition, makes this a recommended text for any individual or nursing cohort.

Dawn Morley
Bournemouth University

This second edition of the successful nursing textbook, Transition to Professional Practice is designed to support both the student nurse  who is preparing for registration or  the newly qualified Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registrant. Each chapter addresses a pertinent professional issue, to strengthen understanding and promote personal development. These include topics such as being in charge, and accountability and the law.

The new edition has been reviewed and updated to reflect current health policy, such as NHS Plan (2019) and the updated NMC (2018) education standards . Each chapter features useful activities to support and consolidate learning such as reflection points and  case studies – it will therefore  support both  the NMC revalidation processes for registered nurses of all fields, as well as providing a comprehensive, accessible resource for supporting the development of nurses at any stage of their career.

Deborah C. Casey
Leeds Beckett University

This is the book I wished I’d had as I transitioned from student nurse to Registered Nurse as I was handed the keys after being qualified 3 days and left in charge. However, that was then and this is now, thankfully. It addresses our current climate and  culture and considers how newly registered nurses will equip themselves to work effectively in it, as confident , competent compassionate practitioners.

I will be recommending this book to all my students and newly qualified nurses to utilise throughout Preceptorship and beyond. It expertly covers all the anxieties and concerns faced by a newly qualified nurse. It provides an opportunity for them to reflect on how far they have come during their training and a chance to think about where they would like to go during their career and consider the kind of nurse they want to be.

The theories concepts and models are helpful tools and will undoubtedly help; importantly though this book combines theory with practical considerations allowing for individual personal growth and development.

Jackie Murphy
Barnsley Hospital NHS Trust

This book, Edited by Dr. Rob Burton , and Dr. Graham Ormrod, will prove an invaluable guide to all student nurses transitioning to qualified status, and embarking on their careers in nursing. It is an essential read for all those who are developing into autonomous professionals in their chosen nursing fields and careers. Structured into chapters by eminent contributors, it is packed full of extremely useful critical discussion and analysis of policies, theories and learning materials, which the reader will find stimulates debate, reflection, and knowledge acquisition. I would thoroughly recommend that all nurses read this superb addition to the growing body of knowledge in professional transitioning.

Dr. Warren Gillibrand
RN, PhD; Deputy Director of Graduate Education, and Divisional Lead for Adult Nursing, University of Huddersfield.

'Overall, the book addresses an impressive range of topics from ethical-legal issues in healthcare, managerial functions, professional development, to safety and quality of care. It also includes up-to-date information about the fastchanging healthcare landscape and undertakes great efforts to bring an international perspective to ensure the relevancy of these topics for the readers. The topics are carefully laid out to highlight the pertinent issues faced by any new graduate nurses and the skillsets required for them to enter the healthcare workforce successfully. The book also contributes to the Singaporean nursing education literature by expounding the importance of 21st-century skillsets, such as critical thinking, clinical reasoning, and global mindset, deemed essential for these nurses to assume wider professional responsibilities and autonomy in the future... This book is recommended for all new nurses who wish to build their workplace confidence and resilience in order to achieve personal growth and professional development. Nurse educators can also use this book to develop effective strategies to help fresh graduates transition to their professional roles smoothly'

Vivian Tan & Sam Goh
Assistant Director of Nursing, Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home, Singapore; Senior Nurse Clinician & Adjunct Associate Professor, Kwong Wai Shiu Hospital, Singapore / Paris Pôle Alternance

An essential text for all MSc students in the final year of their programme. I have incorporated this text's content into my lectures for the final-year MSc students.

Mr Thomas Beary
Nursing, Hertfordshire University
December 9, 2022

This is a good resource in prparing third year nursing students for professional practice.

Mrs Joanne Learney
Department of Health Studies, University of Suffolk
April 27, 2022