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Understanding Games and Game Cultures

Understanding Games and Game Cultures

April 2021 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
No longer a marginal media form, the study of digital game industries and ‘gameification’ more popular than ever. Hjorth and Richardson bring you Understanding Games and Gaming Culture; the must-read guide to global games studies. Giving you the tools to conceptually navigate contemporary game studies, this book examines game development, audience and profit in the context of contemporary global debates and media, encapsulating:
  • A broad scope that covers industry, economy and culture.
  • An Interdisciplinary approach; with perspectives from anthropology, design, and human-machine communication, on top of media, communication and cultural studies.

  • An International perspective: Authors use global case studies throughout, with a unique focus on examples from Asia, as so many of the most interesting developments in gaming industries and cultures is taking place outside of the West.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Understanding Games and Game Cultures
Part I: Games in Context
Chapter 2: Methods in Games Studies
Chapter 3: Game Industries and Interfaces
Part II: Communities of Practice
Chapter 4: Game Communities and Productive Fandom
Chapter 5: Esports and Fantasy Sports
Chapter 6: Livestreaming and Let’s Play
Part III: Artful Interventions
Chapter 7: Between Art Games and Game Art
Chapter 8: Serious Games and Games for Change
Chapter 9: Pervasive Games and Urban Play
Part IV: Mobilities
Chapter 10: The Rise and Rise of Mobile Games
Chapter 11: Augmented Reality Games and Playful Locative Media
Chapter 12: Conclusion: Themes and Futures

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ISBN: 9781526498007