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Unlocking Learning Intentions and Success Criteria

Unlocking Learning Intentions and Success Criteria
Shifting From Product to Process Across the Disciplines

March 2021 | 160 pages | Corwin
The expert’s guide to making LISC work for you!

Learning intentions and success criteria can have an enormous positive impact on student learning—you know that, in theory. This practical how-to guide helps turn that theory into practice.

In over twenty years of research, Shirley Clarke has found that the key to understanding, creating, and implementing learning intentions and success criteria is to focus on the process of learning rather than the product, or end result. Here she shows you:

How to phrase learning intentions, organize and plan for them, and share them with students
How to create success criteria to fit each learning intention
How to adapt these practices to different disciplines—with examples
Implementation strategies based on real-life teacher success stories

Let the expert do the research for you. With Shirley’s guidance, you’ll discover a simple process that leads to teacher clarity—and student success.

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ISBN: 9781544399683