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Welcome to Friendship

Welcome to Friendship
A Course That Empowers Young People to Discover the Need For and Value of Positive Relationships

May 2004 | 116 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In writing this ten session course John draws upon his many years of experience working with young people. The main theme of this book is that if we can build good friendships they will sustain us throughout our lives. It also aims to help young people understand the importance of friendship as a crucial part of childhood and adult life.

During the programme students work from a reflection of themselves towards an understanding of the reciprocity which is developed in relationships. The content could be used in schools or youth and faith groups.

The sessions include:

" respect

" support

" encouragement

" communication.

The format includes a copiable student workbook with illustrations. The materials can be photocopied or printed from the CD.

A really valuable resource that will not only assist young people in understanding friendship but will engage them with its lively approach supported by an attractive workbook.

The Sessions
Session 1: Friendship - The Beginning

Session 2: Life - The Reality

Session 3: Life - The Journey

Session 4: The Making of a Friend

Session 5: The Heart of Friendship

Session 6: A Closer Look at Me

Session 7: A Unique Individual?

Session 8: Do I Have a Choice?

Session 9: It Takes Two to Tango

Session 10: The Art of Communication

The Final Word

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