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Women and Men at Work

Women and Men at Work

Second Edition

July 2002 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

The Second Edition of this best selling book provides a comprehensive examination of the role that gender plays in work environments. This book differs from others by comparing women's and men's work status, addressing contemporary issues within a historical perspective, incorporating comparative material from other countries, recognizing differences in the experiences of women and men from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Relying on both qualitative and quantitative data, the authors seek to link social scientific ideas about workers' lives, sex inequality, and gender to the real-world workplace. This new edition contains updated statistics, timely cartoons, and presents new scholarship in the field. It also provides a renewed focus on reasons for variability in inequality across workplaces. In sum, the second edition of Women and Men at Work presents a contemporary perspective to the field, with relevant comparative and historical insights that will draw readers in and connect them to the wider concern of making sense of our dramatically changing world.

Work and Gender
What Work Is  
Sex and Gender  
Gendered Work  
Gendered Work in Time and Place
The Sexual Division of Labor in Preindustrial Europe  
The Industrial Revolution  
The Sexual Divison of Paid and Unpaid Work  
The Sexual Division of Labor Around the World  
An Overview of Sex Inequality at Work
Sex Inequality in the Contemporary American Workplace  
Explanations for Sex Inequality in the Workplace  
Sex Segregation in the Workplace
Consequenses of Sex Segregation  
A History of Sex Segregation in the United States  
Trends in Sex Segregation  
Explanations and Remedies for Sex Segregation  
Moving Up and Taking Charge
Women, Men, and Promotions  
Women, Men, and Authority  
Explanations and Remedies for the Promotion Authority Gaps  
Sex Differences in Earnings
The Cost of Being Female  
Explaning the Pay Gap  
Employers' Discriminatory Actions  
Paid Work and Family Work
The Decline of the Stay-at-Home Wife and Mother  
Work-Family Conflict  
The Sexual Division of Labor and Work-Family Conflict  
Responses to Work-Family Conflicts  

a very useful text which examines the role of men and women at work in an accessible way

Miss Charlotte Jones
Warwick Institute of Education, Warwick University
July 23, 2013

I used this textbook for the last two years (2011-spring 2013).

I appreciated the direct writing style and the humorous cartoons that lightened the subject matter for the students.

However, I plan to replace this book with the Volti book for the upcoming fall semester, 2013.

Dr J Dargan
Sociology Dept/History, North Carolina Central University
April 25, 2013
Key features
  1. Examines how gender has shaped the meaning and performance of work. Throughout, the book links theory and evidence—statistics that summarize work outcomes for women and men, research about the effects of workers' sex on their jobs, and accounts of the experiences of real workers.
  2. Demonstrates the patterns of sex inequality and segregation as well as the gendered nature of contemporary workplace cultures. By putting evidence about the experiences of today's workers in historical perspective, the author's also highlight continuities with the past and illuminate change.
  3. Provides an extremely useful – and critical – summary of economic theories of gender differences in workplace rewards.
  4. Cartoons are scattered throughout the book to enhance the presentations with timely, humorous critiques. 

Sample Materials & Chapters

1. Work and Gender

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