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Working with Young People

Working with Young People

Second Edition
Edited by:

September 2013 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Working with Young People is designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills you need for supporting young people as they learn about themselves, others and society and prepare for the transition to adulthood. It introduces the fundamental concepts and issues that lie at the heart of contemporary work with young people and challenges you to think deeply about: 

- the social context of young people

- values and principles that underpin practice

- the variety of settings in which practice takes place, and

- the importance of informal learning  in the lives of young people.

Whether you are a new student or returning to study, Working with Young Poeple provides a stimulating introduction and a foundation for further study.


Sheila Curran is Senior Lecturer at The Open University.

Roger Harrison is Senior Lecturer at The Open University.

Donald Mackinnon is Lecturer at The Open University.

Jason Wood and Jean Hine
Policy, Practice and Research in Work with Young People
Mary Jane Kehily
Youth as a Social Construction
Jeremy Brent
Trouble and Tribes: Young People and Community
Aniela Wenham
Teenage Pregnancy and Parenthood: Implications for Policy and Practice
Howard Sercombe and Tomas Paus
What Does the 'Teen Brain' Research Say, and What Does it Mean for Practitioners?
Tom Wylie
Youth Work in a Cold Climate
Gina Ingram and Jean Harris
Defining Good Youth Work
Jean Spence and Carol Devanney
Every Day is Different
Hazel L. Reid and Alison J. Fielding
Helping: Definitions and Purposes
Janet Batsleer
Informal Learning in Youth Work: Times, People and Places
Howard Sercombe
Thinking Ethically
Etienne Wenger
A Social Theory of Learning
Sheila Curran and Tyrrell Golding
Crossing the Boundaries? Working Informally in Formal Settings
Kate Sapin
Enhancing Young People's Participation
Dave Beck and Rod Purcell
Developing Generative Themes for Community Action
Jane Westergaard
Working with Groups of Young People
Jane Melvin
Youth Work in a Digital Age
Naomi Stanton
Faith-based Youth Work - Lessons from the Christian Sector
Liesl Conradie
Supervision as a Youth Work Tool

This text helps students of all levels to consider the challenges of working with children and young people. I would recommend it to anyway considering on working in this arena. In addition to this the text covers the core elements of psychology, sociology and research with children and young people which helps students to start to think in academic ways.

Mrs Kathryn Nethercott
Department of Education, Bedfordshire University
November 7, 2016

A great book that acknowledges the skill set required for those who want to support young people. Covering a range of areas and issues that you may be faced with. This book encourages thought around social context, values and principles and the importance of informal education for young people.

Miss Debbie James
Social Work , Central Bedfordshire College
January 16, 2016

An exploration of knowledge and skills needed to support young people through key transitions; a recommended read for those already working with young people and also for students training to be practitioners.

Miss Andrea Walker
Health and Community Studies , University of Bolton
March 18, 2015

Useful for book for all professional working with young people so that they can be seen in context.
This will be use in an adolescent health care course.

Miss Joan Walters
The Florence Nightingale School of Nursing and Mid, King's College London
December 12, 2014

A recommended read for anyone wishing to pursue a career in youth work or social work working with vulnerable young people. Very easy to read - an excellent resource and grounding for youth workers

Miss Tracy Robson
Community Studies, Truro College
October 23, 2014

This text is well written and easy to read. IT allows learners to make links between theory and practice whilst challenging the views of working in the sector.

Mrs Laura Cochrane
Health and Care, Middlesbrough College
March 4, 2014

The chapters in this updated volume consider a number of new perspectives and pressures both in the lives of young people and for those working in the field.

It is of benefit for all youth and community workers to revisit core themes, along with new content and research focusing on digital and social media contexts.

Miss Tracy Ramsey
Social Work Department, Liverpool Hope University
January 1, 2014

This second edition of 'Working with young people' will be well received by students undertaking degrees in Youth Work.

The first edition was a well used resource and I am sure that the second edition will be well received. Most of the chapters have been re-written with some new chapters that are particularly relevant in this changing youth work 'climate'.

Mr Grant Poiner
School of Social Justice and Inclusion, University of Wales, Trinity St David
December 2, 2013

Excellent resource that should be essential reading for all those considering working with young people whatever their background or discipline.

Miss Isabelle King
WFD, national Council of Voluntary Youth Services
November 22, 2013

This book is excellent. The chapter by Jason Wood and Jean Hine provides a very good analysis of policy and practice with young people. There are a number of interesting issues that are pointed out by the authors.

Mr Sean Creaney
Centre For Childhood Studies, Stockport College
October 29, 2013

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