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Write Dance in the Early Years

Write Dance in the Early Years
A Pre-Writing Programme for Children 3 to 5

Second Edition

February 2010 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Praise for the first edition:

'A useful resource to have in any early years setting, providing a wealth of information within a very neat and compact book' - Special

'The WriteDance materials are wonderfully done. After meeting with Ragnhild a few years ago, I have been using many of these principles in my work with children. The methods definitely work and are definitely needed by today's kids' - Delina Robair, Developmental Child Specialist, USA

Write Dance is an exciting and innovative programme which uses music and movement to introduce handwriting to children. Write Dance movements are designed to help children feel happy and comfortable with their bodies, improving their motor skills and providing a strong foundation for writing.

Ranghild Oussoren developed the approach in Holland ten years ago and it has gone on to capture the imagination of children and teachers across Europe. In this new edition of Write Dance in the Early Years, practitioners are provided with a package of songs, stories and illustrations, as well as guidance on implementing Write Dance in their early years setting.

This book and audio CD introduces the nine themes of the Write Dance approach at the appropriate developmental level for the early years. The programme supports the Be Healthy, Enjoy and Achieve outcome of the Every Child Matters agenda. It also links to the following aspects within the six areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation stage:

- Creative Development through imaginative play, music and dance

- Physical Development through movement using equipment and materials

- Communication, Language and Literacy through handwriting

- Personal Social and Emotional Development through increasing self-confidence and self-esteem

This exciting and innovative programme has been found especially helpful for children with special educations needs, from learning difficulties to dyspraxia.

The Story of a Piece of Paper
What Is Write Dance?
Write Dance in the Early Years
Movements in Your Space
Movements on a Scrimbling Surface
Both Hands
Experiencing and Emotions
Repetition and Routine
The Scrimbling Area
Materials for the Writing Surface
Scrimbling Materials
Materials for Theme Play
The Role of the Teacher
A Working Method in 10 Steps
Summary of the Basic Movements
Themes, Stories and Arrangement of the CD
Home Stories
H1. Sandy Hill
H2. Kringeli-Krangeli
H3. Pat-a-Cake
H4. The Staircase
H5. The Toy Train
H6. Tickle Tree
H7. Little Water Shute
H8. The Rainbow
H9. Little Sun
H10. Straight, Bent, Cross, Happy
Funfair Stories
F1. Watermill
F2. My Dinky Car
F3. Merry-go-Round
F4. The Procession
F5. Air Train
F6. Tree and Fairy Lights
F7. Big Water Shute
F8. The Gateway
F9. Dear Sun, Dear Moon

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