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A Crisis in Care?

A Crisis in Care?
Challenges to Social Work

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August 1993 | 186 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Since a high point of professional optimism in the late 1960s, social work practice has become entangled in a crisis of confidence and of direction. It has been subject to a wide range of conflicting demands, pressures, and criticisms. A Crisis in Care? examines these challenges and their impact on social work practice. This volume provides an analysis of the political, professional, and organizational development of social work in Britain; examines the development of the knowledge base of social work and its historical roots; discusses the proposed changes of direction for social work which have been issued from the state over the last decade; and highlights issues surrounding the social and cultural diversity needs that social work has failed to meet, focusing on issues of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and disability. A book presenting a distinctive approach to the analysis of social work, A Crisis in Care? will provide stimulating reading for social work students and professionals interested in the historical roots and recent changes in social work in Britain.

John Clarke
John Clarke
The Comfort of Strangers
Social Work in Context

Roger Sapsford
Understanding People
The Growth of an Expertise

Mary Langan
The Rise and Fall of Social Work
Allan Cochrane
Challenges from the Centre
George Taylor
Challenges from the Margins
Mary Langan
New Directions in Social Work

`Casts a sharp analytic eye over a profession facing challenges and undergoing change. The result is a book set to become a key text for students of social work and social policy' - Hilary Graham, University of Warwick

`Reports the unvarnished truth about what has happened to social work, and what is likely to happen to it in the future. It does not make for consoling reading... at last someone is examining the real state of affairs' - Community Care

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ISBN: 9780803988446