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About Us

Help professionals gain the competitive advantage in their careers. Partnering with SAGE gives you access to:

High Quality Content

SAGE is known for delivering student-friendly, high-quality textbook content for a variety of course areas. Our world-renowned authors provide your students with highly accessible, market leading texts that will prepare them for their careers ahead.

Custom Publishing

We believe that your instructors need texts that best fit the needs of their courses and teaching styles. SAGE will work with your professors and curriculum directors so that if they can’t find a text that is exactly what they need, we will help them create it!


Digital Teaching and Learning

Modernize your teaching environment by taking advantage of SAGE’s partnerships with digital content providers. Explore our robust suite of online products from teaching and learning ancillaries to original video resources.

Dedicated Curriculum Support

Our editorial and sales departments are here to assist you in finding the perfect combination of content and delivery for your courses or institution. Contact us today for more information.


Trusted Reputation

For more than 50 years, SAGE has published content that makes a difference in the lives of students, faculty, and communities. Curriculum developers can rely on SAGE’s strong reputation in each of our disciplines for finding books that are well-suited for their programs. 

Competitive Pricing

Keep your tuition costs competitive! Today more than ever, students make decisions on education based on the expenses of enrollment and learning materials. SAGE offers quality texts at an affordable price, helping you keep your enrollments high and save your students money in the process. Contact your sales representative to learn more about our competitive pricing options.