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An Introduction to Gerontology

August 1994 | 476 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The aging process is a complex, sometimes mysterious evolution we will all experience: In this interdisciplinary text, author Lewis R. Aiken acquaints you with the elements and effects influencing people in the later stages of life. Beginning with an historical overview of gerontology, Aiken discusses both pragmatic and philosophical concerns within the field. Factors impacting the process and results of aging are carefully outlined and explicated; these address such areas as biology, psychology, sociology, economics, and politics. The interpersonal variability of the older population is stressed throughout the book, recognizing gender, ethnic, racial, and cultural differences. Each chapter concludes with a thorough review of the material covered, a series of questions and activities designed to enhance the learning experience, and a list of suggested readings that expand on the topics being discussed. Clearly written, authoritative, rich in information and integration of research material in a wide range of disciplines, Aging: An Introduction to Gerontology is valuable for undergraduate, certificate, and community college programs in gerontology as well as graduate courses in applied professional disciplines. "The book makes a contribution to the field, it is a praiseworthy effort and it has substantive merit. . . . It reveals competence, good grasp of the subject matter, and a very good integration of research material in a wide range of disciplines. The information is generally very much up to date and relevant. It constitutes the right introduction for people interested to learn about the field of gerontology. The text is lucid, clearly written, and easy to read. It is definitely well attuned to its targeted audience. It introduces technical terminology with all the proper caveats and facilitates its comprehension with a glossary." --Abraham Monk, School of Social Work, Columbia University "This is a basic textbook of human gerontology that comprehensively covers aging and the aged, with a special emphasis on the psychology of aging. The purpose is to review what is known about aging and older adulthood, the methods by which this information is obtained, and to provide practical guidelines for dealing with the problems of an aged population. The author meets these goals very well. This book is written for undergraduate and graduate students. Even geriatricians in training will find this a lucid exposition of human gerontology. This book's well-organized chapters are clearly illustrated. There are boxes that highlight concepts and a list of further readings in addition to well-cited references. At the end of each chapter, there are questions and exercises. This textbook is a welcome addition to the field. It is very well written and organized. Both teachers and students will enjoy using this textbook. Rating: 98." --Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal "Aging is rich in information and integration of research material in a wide range of disciplines and valuable for undergraduate, certificate, and community college programs in gerontology and as well graduate courses in applied professional disciplines." --Turning Pages

The Study of Aging
Physical Structure and Functioning
Illness and Health Care
Cognitive Abilities
Personality and Problems of Adjustment
Treating Adjustment Problems and Mental Disorders
Sex and Marital Relations
Social Status and Roles
Employment and Retirement
Economics and Aging
Living Environments and Activities
Crime and the Law
Death and Bereavement

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Chapter 3

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