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And Justice for ELs

And Justice for ELs
A Leader's Guide to Creating and Sustaining Equitable Schools

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September 2020 | 160 pages | Corwin

And Justice for ELs is a resource every school leader must read right away—for that matter, keep within arm’s reach because you’re certain to refer to it constantly. Ayanna Cooper, a former U.S. Department of State English Language Specialist, has “been there, done that” and is now prepared to share with you how best to translate today’s federal mandates into actionable steps for ensuring the civil rights of our nation’s multilingual learners.

Because it is impossible to provide specific advice or guidance for every possible situation, Ayanna focuses on the “need-to knows” for making informed decisions within your own building:

  • Eight questions you must ask—and how to obtain answers—before planning English language development services
  • The most common EL program models, with special emphasis on scheduling, along with specific challenges and appropriate staffing
  • The why and how of evaluating English language education, regardless of the evaluation tool, and ways to facilitate conversations with teachers before and after observation
  • How to determine the type of professional learning that will have the greatest impact in your unique context
  • Recommendations for establishing productive relationships with linguistically diverse families and communities
  • Just about every tool you could possibly need, including a glossary of acronyms, useful advocacy organizations, and templates for supporting professional learning

But what you’ll love most is the way Ayanna “keeps it real.” Every chapter is framed around a “What Would You Do?” scenario, for which she ultimately provides an answer(s) as well as guiding questions to help you think through the issues. Take a look for yourself. We know you’ll agree that And Justice for ELs is without question a one-of-a-kind resource.

“And Justice for ELs is an excellent guide for practitioners who seek to provide their English learners with high-quality instruction in all subject areas. Too often such students are relegated an education that marginalizes them academically and fails to develop their native language skills. We can and must do a better job for these students, and in this book Ayanna Cooper shows us how.”

~Pedro A. Noguera

Foreword by Margarita Calderon


"And Justice for ELs is an excellent guide for practitioners who seek to provide their English learners with high quality instruction in all subject areas. Too often such students are relegated an education that marginalizes them academically and fails to develop their native language skills.  We can and must do a better job for these students and in this book Ayanna Cooper shows us how.  Written in a clear and straight forward manner, this book will be an invaluable resource for educators who seek to make a difference."

Pedro A. Noguera
Distinguished Professor of Education Faculty and Director of the Center for the Transformation of Schools, UCLA Graduate School of Education & Information Studies

"School leaders will appreciate that Dr. Cooper's text takes them beyond legal compliance and moves their school toward real equity, excellence, and meaningful engagement for their English learners. Her essential questions will promote action focused conversations that move the needle significantly towards justice and excellence for all." 

Tim Boals
WIDA Founder and Director

"Dr. Ayanna Cooper’s And Justice for ELs is a must-read for school leaders and other educators who wish to move their schools and districts from equity to excellence in order to fully serve their ELs. Framed in research, law, and policy, yet rooted in practical actions, this book will provide a clear path to educators who desire to do what’s right and just for their students and families."

Diane Staehr Fenner
Author of "Unlocking Englisher Learners' Potential" and President of SupportEd Consulting

"Dr. Ayanna Cooper has made an incredible contribution to the field of education. And Justice For ELs equips educational leaders with the knowledge and confidence to create sustainable change as schools across the United States strive to meet the unique needs of English Learners."

Sharon H. Porter, Ed.D.
Executive Director, Next In Line to Lead Aspiring Principal Leadership Academy

"Far too often English Language Learners (ELLs) are viewed as a ‘problem’ that drains resources for the mainstream. Dr. Cooper turns this assumption inside out with a thoroughly asset-based perspective: ELLs and their families bring a rich array of language and cultural diversity to classrooms and schools. But clearly, there is work to be done to create the equitable schools in which ELLs can thrive. The book is for school leaders and provides a state-of-the-art working tour in what is involved in advocating for linguistically diverse learners with responsiveness and flexibility.

The book is broad enough for a wide range of contexts to benefit from and yet specific enough for leaders to build their own tailor-made professional learning plans. Ayanna Cooper extends a hand of empowerment to school leaders who have often been left out of the conversation. Dr. Cooper brings to her work not only her expertise in TESOL, but her experience as a teacher, teacher educator, and consultant."

Elfrieda Lepp-Kaethler, Ph.D., ExA.Dip
Associate Professor of TESOL, Providence University College & Theological Seminary, Canada

"Every educator is struggling with supporting ELs in a systemic, sustainable way.  This book simplifies what’s necessary while advocating for a sense of urgency to review data, assess models, and support EL teachers utilize best practices and ongoing professional learning."

Dana Salles Trevethan
Superintendent, Turlock Unified School District, Turlock, CA

"This book provides campus and district leadership with clearly defined reasons for supporting an equitable campus program for all learners especially EL’s. The scenarios and guiding questions are useful in initiating relevant discussion and provoking thoughtful discussions. Ayanna Cooper writes in a manner that will enhance EL advocacy for leaders regardless of EL experience. "

Joseph Cerna
Elementary Principal and Adjunct Professor of Educational Leadership, Fort Sam Houston Elementary and Texas A&M San Antonio

"A great resource for school leaders and English Language Directors. This book is a complete resource to assist with launching or enhancing an English Language Program in any school.

Laura Schaffer Metcalfe
Education Faculty, Grand Canyon University, AZ

"And Justice For All is a rich and relevant body of scholarship bent towards an arc of educational justice and equity for our nation’s most marginalized learners. Dr. Cooper challenges educators to realize the power of language and literacy as necessary levers to academic liberation. This text should be required reading and professional development for all educators, pre-service and beyond, who benefit from pragmatic pedagogy, consultancy, and practices designed to elevate how we educate ELs."

Craig Martin
2018 Nationally Distinguished Principal, 2018 MA Elementary Principal of the Year Executive Director, Bridge Boston Charter School

"This book is a practical and useful tool for building administrators and all who are interested in assessing their current models for supporting EL learners with an eye to  improving their programs.  It’s practical and easy to read with great suggestions that you can use and implement immediately. "

Marianne Lucas Lescher,
School Principal, Kyrene Traditional Academy, AZ

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