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Decision Resources, Inc.

Decision Resources is a firm that specializes in creating reports regarding drug therapies used for cancer and other disease research. These reports are very detailed and are written by medical professionals, peer reviewed over three rounds, and then sold to major pharmaceutical firms.  Each report costs $20,000. Decision Resources do not in any way consider themselves a publisher although they create valuable content. Therefore, they are eager to partner with an academic reference publisher in order to sell their content in new markets. The SAGE Handbook of Current Therapies and the SAGE Handbook of Emerging Therapies will serve as two very important resources for medical students at any level that are researching the key drug therapies involved with cancer research. Each set will contain four volumes which will include 60 chapters which will cover respectively the current and emerging drug therapies which tie in all important applications to today’s pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. Each chapter is a synthesis of a previously published detailed report on a particular therapy which has been through several rounds of peer review to insure the utmost accuracy and relevance.