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Helen Coleman

Helen Coleman is an award-winning senior lecturer in education; research design; methods and statistics; and childhood law, policy, and practice. Helen is the author of three books with SAGE: Little Quick Fix: Get Your Data from Experiments; Your Super Quick Guide to University; and Polish Your Academic Writing. She has also served as a reviewer for the Journal of Experiential Education; an external examiner and academic advisor to Cornwall College; and an assessment specialist with Cambridge University Press and Assessment.  

Helen’s academic research focuses on education and social justice in addition to changing policies and procedures in higher education and their impacts on the student experience. Helen strongly believes that being part of a university, whether staff or student, is knowing you are in an inclusive community where you should be free to learn and progress while being challenged and empowered, in a physically and mentally safe and healthy environment. 

In 2018 Helen was awarded the first ever Glyndwr University Vice Chancellor's Award. This award was created and presented to her for “showing such deep commitment to staff and student welfare, health and safety, contributing to improvements to policies and procedures and courageous and pioneering work in Education.” She holds a Master’s degree in social research methods, and multiple post-graduate certifications in teaching and research methods.