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Bowman, Jonathan

Jonathan Michael Bowman University of San Diego

Jonathan M. Bowman, PhD, Professor of Communication Studies, teaches courses in human communication processes and the methods through which we obtain that knowledge about communication. He is heavily involved in the National Communication Association where he currently serves as the chair of the Nonverbal Communication Division. Bowman’s research focuses on communication processes associated with intimacy and close relationships, with publications addressing nonverbal messaging, male friendships, and small group communication. He has authored, co-authored, or edited four books, and his most recent book Masculinity and Student Success in Higher Education can be purchased anywhere books are sold. He was the recipient of the National Communication Association Ecroyd Award for Outstanding Teaching in Higher Education, the highest teaching honor in the discipline internationally, as well as the national Western States Communication Association Distinguished Teaching Award. Bowman has also received a Keck Faculty Fellowship for his focus on undergraduate research, an Innovations in Experiential Education Award for his commitment to high-impact practices, as well as an Outstanding Preceptor Award for excellence in teaching and advising. He serves as a mentor to undergraduates in multiple capacities, particularly those students involved in student government, greek life, academic honors, and/or campus faith-based organizations.