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Nicole C. Mittenfelner Carl University of Pennsylvania, USA

Nicole Mittenfelner Carl is a doctoral candidate in the teaching, learning, and leadership division at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education (PennGSE). She is Director of Impact Assessment for the Center for the Study of Boys’ and Girls’ Lives (CSBGL) and is conducting a multi-sited, multi-year participatory evaluation of the Center’s impact. Carl facilitates and teaches Youth Participatory Action Research and researches ways that schools can be more equitable and humane places as a part of her work with CSBGL. Carl is also a graduate research associate at PennGSE, where she is part of a research team that examines ways that teachers and parents can organize and act collectively as a means of educational problem-solving.

Carl has conducted qualitative research for over a decade. She has published articles about new teachers’ experiences with standardized curricula as well as about teacher activism and organizing. Her current research focus includes critical approaches to qualitative research, participatory action research, educational equity, urban education, and teacher education.

Carl is a former middle school language arts and lead teacher in the School District of Philadelphia as well as a former mentor to and supervisor of first-year teachers. Carl’s research interests stem from her experiences as an educator, and she focuses her work on ways that students, parents, and teachers can work together to address educational inequities.