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Richard Selfridge Primary schoolteacher and blogger

Richard Selfridge is a primary school teacher, data consultant and writer on education. His 2018 book for Sage Publications, Databusting for Schools, is an essential guide to the use and interpretation of education data. As well as teaching, working with schools on their use of education data and writing about education, Richard works as a consultant for the Driver Youth Trust supporting inclusion for literacy. A passionate advocate of sensible use of data in schools, Richard was part of ASCL’s primary assessment expert panel alongside James, which indirectly lead to James and Richard working together as the Databusters, running workshops across the country and co-hosting the Databusters podcast. In his spare time, Richard can be found hunting follies, usually by bike, or playing, listening to, watching, talking, or thinking about music. He lives in Leeds with his wife Lindsay and daughters Martha and Connie.