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Body Modification

Body Modification

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May 2000 | 352 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This fascinating collection explores the growing range of body modification practices such as piercing, tattooing, branding, cutting and inserting implants, which have sprung up recently in the West. It asks whether this implies that we are returning to traditional tribal practices of inscribing identities onto bodies on the part of 'modern primitives', or is body modification better understood as purely cosmetic and decorative with body markings merely temporary signs of transferable loyalties? Contributors address the question of the permanence of body transformation through fitness regimes and body building; look at the French performance artist Orlan and the Australian performance artist Stelarc who explored Western standard of beauty by experimenting on their own bodies with surgery and prosthetics; and explore the construction of the anatomy of a virtual body in Real Video Surgery and the Visible Human Project. Academics and students in sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, communication studies, social psycholgy and art and design

Mike Featherstone
Body Modification
An Introduction  
Christian Klesse
'Modern Primitivism'
Non-Mainstream Body Modification and Racialized Representation  
Bryan S Turner
The Possibility of Primitiveness
Towards a Sociology of Body Marks in Cool Societies  
Paul Sweetman
Anchoring the (Postmodern) Self? Body Modification, Fashion and Identity
Margrit Shildrick
This Body Which Is Not One
Dealing with Differences  
Nicholas Zurbrugg
Marinetti, Chopin, Stelarc and the Auratic Intensities of the Postmodern Techno-Body
Parasite Visions
Alternate, Intimate and Involuntary Experiences  
Ross Farnell
In Dialogue with 'Posthuman' Bodies
An Interview with Stelarc  
Jane Goodall
An Order of Pure Decision
Un-Natural Selection in the Work of Stelarc and Orlan  
Robert Ayers
Serene and Happy and Distant
An Interview with Orlan  
Julie Clarke
The Sacrificial Body of Orlan
Roy Boyne
Citation and Subjectivity
Towards a Return of the Embodied Will  
Roberta Sassatelli
Interaction Order and Beyond
A Field Analysis of Body Culture within Fitness Gyms  
Neal Curtis
The Body as Outlaw
Lyotard, Kafka and the Visible Human Project  
Lee Monaghan
Creating 'The Perfect Body'
A Variable Project  
Victoria Pitts
Body Modification, Self-Mutilation and Agency in Media Accounts of a Subculture
Kevin McCarron
Tattoos and Heroin
A Literary Approach  
Eugene Thacker
Performing the Technoscientific Body
Real Video Surgery and the Anatomy Theatre  

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