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Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth

Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth
Creating a Culture of Motivation and Learning

December 1999 | 184 pages | Corwin

"With a clear picture of what motivates teachers, Beerens gives us a workable and virtuous approach to nurturing professional teachers. His proposals are rooted in authentic experience and a caring heart."
Max De Pree
Best-selling author of
Leadership Jazz and Leading Without Power

A new system that moves beyond accountability—toward growth!

Now there is a new system that offers administrators strong grounding in theory and real-life practical skills for successfully evaluating teachers. Dan Beerens' Growth-Focused Evaluation System offers more than accountability—it paves the way for improved teacher and student success. This new approach incorporates:

  • Constructivist teaching principles
  • Emotional intelligence and brain research
  • Improved professional development practices
  • Reflective practice
  • Collaborative teacher-administrator relationships
  • Self-assessment and peer coaching and evaluation

The development of the teacher as a professional is the key to a successful learning culture within a school. Evaluating Teachers for Professional Growth is a crucial resource for any administrator who wants to implement an evaluation plan that works — for teachers, schools, and students. This accessible guide offers:

  • Action steps for working with experienced, beginning, transferring, and marginal teachers
  • Samples of how to report teacher growth and evaluation
  • Guidance for teachers in recording their own professional growth
  • Handy reproducible forms to use immediately

Administrators who strive to achieve sustained and meaningful professional growth for teachers will find this book a key resource.

About the Author: Dan Beerens has taught behavior-disordered and physically disabled school students, has served as principal of several elementary and middle schools, and has presented on teacher evaluation and professional growth at regional and national conferences. He has been significantly involved in systemwide curricular change and program development within every district he has served.

More Questions Than Answers
The Significance of Teachers and the Complexity of Their Work
Approaches to Evaluation
Leadership, Growth and Community
Motivation, Learning and Staff Development
New Approaches to Evaluation and Staff Development
The Growth-Focused Evaluation System
Identifying Teacher Types
The Need for Standards
Structures, Processes and Instruments for Teacher Reflection and Examination of Practice
Reporting Teacher Evaluation and Professional Growth
Developing Your Own Evaluation and Professional Growth Plan
Action Steps


 "Beerens gives us a workable and virtuous approach to nurturing professional teachers."

Max De Pree
Best-selling author of Leadership Jazz and Leading Without Power

"This book makes an important contribution to a critical aspect of improving the profession." 

Charlotte Danielson
Educational Testing Service; Princeton, NJ

"A very helpful tool for districts trying to create a more authentic assessment instrument. This is a "one-stop-shopping" source. Beerens reviews the research and provides practical turnkey evaluative procedures." 

G. Steven Griggs, Principal
Francis Howell High School; St. Charles, MO

"Across the nation, teacher evaluation processes are inadequate at best; at worst, they are detrimental to best instructional practices. This book advocates a process that has the potential to energize and motivate teachers to improve." 

Mary Beth Poole, Adjunct Graduate Faculty
East Carolina University

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