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Evaluation Fundamentals

Evaluation Fundamentals
Insights into Program Effectiveness, Quality, and Value

Third Edition

March 2014 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Third Edition of Arlene Fink’s Evaluation Fundamentals teaches the basic concepts and vocabulary necessary to do program evaluations and review the quality of evaluation research to make informed decisions about methods and outcomes to meet scientific and community needs. Dr. Fink thoroughly examines such issues as how to justify evaluation questions and set standards of effectiveness, design studies, identify best practices, and conduct ethical research. The book contains numerous examples of evaluation methods, as well as evaluation reports. It also includes practice exercises and suggested readings in print and online. Individuals can use the New Edition successfully on their own or in small or large groups.

1. What Is Program Evaluation?
2. Evaluation Questions and Evidence of Merit
3. Evaluation Design: Creating the Structure
4. Sampling
5. Choosing Appropriate Data Sources
6. Evaluation Measures
7. Managing Evaluation Data
8. Analyzing Evaluation Data
9. Evaluation Reports


Student Study Site

The open-access Student Study Site includes the following:

  • Mobile-friendly eFlashcards reinforce understanding of key terms and concepts that have been outlined in the chapters.
  • Web resources are included for further research and insights.

“The text is extremely well organized. . . The concepts are easy to follow and the explanations are excellent.”

Sharon K. Drake, Iowa State University

“Dr. Fink did an outstanding job of introducing concepts and practice of program evaluation in a way that anyone can understand. Those who are interested in program evaluation will enjoy this book regardless of their field of study.”

Young Ik Cho, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

“The key strength of this book is the introduction of the key concepts, terms, and considerations that are needed for an evaluation study.  These introductions are concise, understandable, and in logical order.”

Richard C. Maurer, University of Kentucky

Excellent book. I used to use in class her last edition, so I am happy for this new version. Very complete and easy to read, specially for my student who are mainly spanish speaking.

Professor Glorimar Caraballo
Graduate School of Public Health, University of Puerto Rico
April 23, 2015

Evaluation is an emerging topic amongst the research projects conducted by the WBL students. This book will provide insight into key fundamental issues for when deciding to conduct an evaluation.

Ms Marilia Angove
Faculty of Business & Society - Business School, University of South Wales
August 13, 2014
Key features


  • New, in-depth coverage of IRBs and what principles guide them in the evaluation process
  • Effective pedagogical features such as chapter overviews, reader's guides, chapter summaries, exercises, and suggested readings
  • Hundreds of new examples and references, covering a wide range of topics and available online to reinforce learning
  • Expanded perspective on program evaluation to reflect the most recent thinking about quality, safety, equity, accessibility, and value
  • Extensive discussion on how to design and report on evaluations
  • New evaluation frameworks include the PRECEDE-PROCEED and Logic models
  • Standards for selecting the best available evidence—the key to evidence-based and science-based practice
  • New section on ethical considerations for online evaluations and surveys
  • Expanded discussion of mixed and qualitative research methods
  • Discussion of such standardized reporting checklists as CONSORT and TREND
  • Discusses in-depth how to justify and value specific evaluation questions
  • Step-by-step guidelines for the use of expert panels, choosing a data source, and conducting systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis
  • Effective hands-on examples help readers apply their knowledge to better understand evaluation methods and evaluation reports
  • Emphasis on the outcomes, effectiveness, and quality of evaluations

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1

Chapter 4

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