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Facilitator's Guide to Courageous Conversations About Race

Facilitator's Guide to Courageous Conversations About Race

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September 2006 | 72 pages | Corwin

Create staff development training that addresses the relationship between race and achievement!

Acutely aware of the statistical gaps in achievement between different racial groups, educators realize that eliminating this disparity is critical to developing cultural proficiency. Candid conversations about race help educational leaders understand why performance inequity persists and how to guide policy analysis and instructional reform that promote true academic parity. Designed to complement the best-selling Courageous Conversations About Race, this facilitator's guide shows how to use professional development events to help educational leaders examine the achievement gap through the prism of race.

This chapter-by-chapter guide explains how to engage educators in discussions about personal agendas, multiple racial perspectives, closing the racial achievement gap, and extending their professional learning. Trainers also will find practical features, including

  • Implementation exercises
  • Prompts, language, and tools that support profound discussion
  • Activities and checklists for administrators
  • Action steps for creating an equity team

Highlights for the facilitator include

  • Activities for small or large groups
  • Discussion and journaling prompts
  • Key sources for supplemental reading
  • Sample workshop agendas for half-day, one-day, or two- to three-day sessions
  • A workshop evaluation form

Using the Facilitator's Guide to Courageous Conversations About Race, you can help educators construct a language and a process for addressing the relationship between race and achievement. With creative, open dialogue, leaders can restructure their schools and fulfill every student's potential regardless of race, culture, or class.

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How to Use the Guide

Additional Resources for Facilitators

Chapter-by-Chapter Study Guide: Courageous Conversations About Race: A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools by Glenn E. Singleton and Curtis Linton
Chapter 1. Breaking the Silence: Ushering in Courageous Conversation About Race

Chapter 2. What's So Courageous About This Conversation?

Chapter 3. Why Race?

Chapter 4. Agreeing to Talk About Race

Chapter 5. The First Condition: Getting Personal Right Here and Right Now

Chapter 6. The Second Condition: Keeping the Spotlight on Race

Chapter 7. The Third Condition: Engaging Multiple Racial Perspectives

Chapter 8. The Fourth Condition: Keeping Us All at the Table

Chapter 9. The Fifth Condition: What Do You Mean By "Race"?

Chapter 10. The Sixth Condition: Let's Talk About Whiteness

Chapter 11. How Anti-Racist Leaders Close the Achievement Gap

Chapter 12. Exploring a Systemic Framework for Closing the Racial Achievement Gap

Chapter 13. Using Courageous Conversation to Achieve Equity in Schools

Resources for Extending Your Learning
Professional Development Training Videos

Professional Development Books

Handout 1. Got Passion?

Handout 2. Racial Consciousness Flow Chart Worksheet

Handout 3. Four Agreements of Courageous Conversation

Handout 4. Implementation Exercise Part 1 Worksheet

Handout 5. De-Centering Whiteness

Handout 6. Systemic Equity Anti-Racism Transformation Worksheet

Overhead 1. The Courageous Conversation Compass

Overhead 2. Racial Consciousness Flow Chart

Overhead 3. Naughty-Nice?

Overhead 4. Pacific Educational Group?s Systemic Equity Anti-Racism Transformation Framework

Sample Seminar Agendas
Half-Day Seminar Agenda

One-Day Seminar Agenda

Two- to Three-Day Seminar Agenda

Seminar Evaluation Form

Sample Materials & Chapters



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