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Mediation Analysis
This book covers mediation analysis—the examination of whether an effect of one variable on another is direct or indirect or both. Author Dawn Iacobucci offers thorough coverage of introductory and advanced material as well as conceptual and statistical information. The book begins by introducing arguments of causality, and proceeds to examine current options for analyzing data patterns purported to exhibit meditational structures. Iacobucci shows direct and indirect paths via causal paths, regression, and structural equations models. She also grounds readers in a popular structural equations modeling approach so they can implement the statistical methods discussed in testing for evidence of mediation in a variety of empirical contexts.

Intended Audience

This book is appropriate for any course in regression and correlation, sociological research methods, quantitative research methods, quantitative techniques in Business & Management, Psychology, Political Science, or Public Policy departments.

List of Figures and Tables
About the Author
Series Editor's Introduction
1. Introduction to Mediation
2. Mediation Analysis Basics
3. Mediation With Structural Equations Modeling: The Measurement Model
4. Mediation With Structural Equations Modeling: The Structural Model
5. Advanced Topics
6. Conclusions
Appendix: Commands for Fitting SEM Mediation Models via SAS, EQS, and AMOS

Good book, with a nice and simple explanation of the mediation processes.

Dr Ricardo Barroso
Dept of Education & Psychology, Univ of Tras os Montes & Alto Dolto
October 21, 2009
Key features
  • Explores even the fundamental assumptions underlying mediation analysis
  • Describes options for analyzing mediation data
  • Provides syntax for a widely available and popular computer program so users can begin implementing mediation ideas immediately on their data

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