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Resiliency in Schools

Resiliency in Schools
Making It Happen for Students and Educators

Second Edition

August 2002 | 160 pages | Corwin

Updated Edition of Bestseller!

Foreword by Emmy E. Werner

"A beautifully written book which should be read by all administrators, teachers, and parents concerned with the future of their children."
Emmy E. Werner, University of California at Davis
Coauthor of Overcoming the Odds: High-Risk Children From Birth to Adulthood

"A major contribution of Resiliency in Schools is its elegantly simple change process for instilling protective factors throughout the life of the school, [which] the authors describe and illustrate with the stories of schools they have worked with."
Bonnie Benard, Prevention Consultant
Author of Fostering Resiliency in Kids: Protective Factors in the Family, School, and Community

Make a real difference in your school's success!

In this updated edition of Resiliency in Schools, Nan Henderson and Mike M. Milstein offer scores of new resources for resilience education as well as an action plan you can use right now to build inner strength and flexibility in your students and staff. The authors help you make sure everyone in your school develops the defenses needed to meet the dynamic, vigorous demands of school life.

You'll learn:

    • What resiliency is and why it is so important
    • Schoolwide strategies to move students from "at risk" to resilient
    • How to integrate resiliency building with educational reform
    • How to adopt resiliency as the fourth "r" of your educational goals
    • Why resilient students need resilient educators
    • How to assess your starting point and increase your own resiliency
    • How to chart your progress as you make resiliency a way of life for yourself and your school
    • Skills and tools for resiliency building

Emmy E. Werner
About the Authors
1. Resiliency Defined
2. How Schools Foster Resiliency in Students
3. Resilient Students Need Resilient Educators
4. Characteristics of Resiliency-Building Schools
5. Changing Schools to Build Resiliency
6. The Change Process in Action
7. Resiliency Building in Practice
8. Tools to Facilitate Change
Annotated Bibliographies
Useful Resiliency-Related Web Sites
Additional Resiliency-Related Readings

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