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Bridging Japanese/North American Differences

Bridging Japanese/North American Differences

March 1994 | 153 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"[William B. Gudykunst and Tsukasa Nishida] synthesize a mass of information on intercultural communication theory and similarities and differences in communication patterns in the United States and Japan. Numerous excerpts, notes, and about 220 references attest to the comprehensiveness Gudykunst and Nishida seek. . . . This is an important guide for effective cross-cultural communication between the Japanese and North Americans, meticulously organized, thoroughly researched, and simply stated. Upper-division undergraduate and above." --Choice More than language skills are needed for a North American to effectively communicate with a Japanese. Comprehensive in its approach, Bridging Japanese/North American Differences applies Gudykunst's world-renowned intercultural communication method to the specifics of Japanese/North American communication. William B. Gudykunst and Nishida first provide an overview of the various fundamental intercultural communication theories and then explain the similarities and differences between communication patterns in Japan and the United States. Next, they demonstrate how understanding the similarities and differences can help Japanese and North Americans communicate more effectively. By examining such areas as attitudes and stereotypes, the authors suggest ways to heighten understanding of Japanese behavior. They conclude by examining the factors that influence motivation, knowledge, and skills to increase communication effectiveness. The ideal volume for any North American interested in improving his or her ability to communicate with a Japanese colleague, friend, student, or business associate, Bridging Japanese/North American Differences is straightforward, practical, and easy to absorb.

Cultural Similarities and Differences Between the United States and Japan
Language Usage in the United States and Japan
Communication Patterns in the United States and Japan
Expectations for Japanese-North American Communication
Effective Japanese-North American Communication

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