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Business & Society

Business & Society
A Strategic Approach to Social Responsibility & Ethics

Eighth Edition
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January 2023 | 576 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Formerly published by Chicago Business Press, now published by Sage

Business & Society integrates business and society into organizational strategies to showcase social responsibility as an actionable and practical field of interest, grounded in sound theory. In corporate America today, social responsibility has been linked to financial performance and is a major consideration in strategic planning. This innovative Eighth Edition ensures that business students understand and appreciate concerns about philanthropy, employee well-being, corporate governance, consumer protection, social issues, and sustainability, helping to prepare them for the social responsibility challenges and opportunities they will face throughout their careers.

The author team provides the latest examples, stimulating cases, and unique learning tools that capture the reality and complexity of social responsibility. Students and instructors prefer this book due to its wide range of featured examples, tools, and practices needed to develop and implement a socially responsible approach to business.

Chapter 1 Social Responsibility Framework
Chapter 2 Strategic Management of Stakeholder Relationships
Chapter 3 Corporate Governance
Chapter 4 Business, Government and Regulation
Chapter 5 The Impact of Business on Government and the Political Environment
Chapter 6 Business Ethics and Ethical Decision-Making
Chapter 7 Strategic Approaches to Improving Ethical Behavior
Chapter 8 Employee Relations
Chapter 9 Consumer Relations
Chapter 10 Community Relations and Strategic Philanthropy
Chapter 11 Technology Issues
Chapter 12 Sustainability Issues
Chapter 13 Social Responsibility in a Global Environment
Case 1 Business Ethics Put to the Test During COVID-19 Pandemic
Case 2 Social Responsibility Now Streaming on Spotify
Case 3 Tesla Accelerates the Transition to Sustainable Energy
Case 4 A Bitter Pill for Johnson & Johnson
Case 5 Chevron Puts More Energy Into Sustainability
Case 6 Uber’s Crash Course in Controversy
Case 7 Home Depot Builds Up Stakeholder Relationships
Case 8 Big-Box Retailer Walmart Sets Big ESG Goals
Case 9 Google Searches for Solutions to Privacy Issues
Case 10 Wells Fargo Banks on Recovery
Case 11 Starbucks Serves Up Its Social Responsibility Blend
Case 12 TOMS Kicks Out the One for One Model
Case 13 Apple Bites into Ethics
Case 14 From the Outside In: Corporate Social Responsibility at Patagonia
Case 15 Herbalife Nutrition: Managing Risks and Achieving Success


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Key features
  • The new edition is available in Sage Vantage, an intuitive learning platform that integrates quality Sage textbook content with assignable multimedia activities and auto-graded assessments to drive student engagement and ensure accountability. Unparalleled in its ease of use and built for dynamic teaching and learning, Vantage offers customizable LMS integration and best-in-class support.
  • Each chapter of the text has been updated to include recent social responsibility issues related to the economy, ethical decision-making, and concerns about corporate governance.
  • New topics discussed include the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) framework, supply chain disruptions, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the Great Resignation and other employment trends, food security, and supplier diversity.
  • Opening cases at the start of each chapter address a variety of issues related to the chapter content, including corporate activism, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and lobbying. Companies featured in these cases include Airbus, Amazon, Omaze, and Microsoft.
  • 15 new and/or updated case studies at the end of the book, including Spotify and social responsibility, Tesla and sustainable energy, and Johnson & Johnson and the opioid epidemic.
  • Chapter opening cases and real company examples from all over the world are included to help students understand how social responsibility works in today's business world.
  • Experiential exercises at the end of each chapter help students apply social responsibility concepts and ideas to business practice.
  • "What Would You Do?" exercises depict real-world scenarios where people are faced with decisions about social responsibility in the workplace.
  • A new debate issue is located at the end of each chapter to highlight the complexity of ethical issues and to help students develop their critical thinking, research, and communication skills.
  • 15 cases at the end of the book allow students to consider the effects of stakeholders and responsibility expectations on larger and well-known businesses, representing the most up-to-date and compelling issues in social responsibility.
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