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Business-to-Business Marketing

Business-to-Business Marketing

Sixth Edition
  • Ross Brennan - Professor of Industrial Marketing, Hertfordshire Business School, University of Hertfordshire, UK
  • Louise Canning - Associate Professor of Marketing, Kedge Business School, France
  • Helen McGrath - Lecturer in Marketing, University College Cork, Ireland
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March 2024 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written from a European perspective, this comprehensive and regularly updated textbook covers both the theory and practice of global business-to-business (b2b) marketing. New to this sixth edition:

  • Increased and updated coverage covering digital transformation and responsible business as well as new content on small firms
  • New organizational coverage, including companies and brands such as Airspares Unlimited, Optel Group, Pfizer, Royal FloraHolland, Toyota, Trellebord,ValCo Engineering Ltd and Volkswagen
  • Updated online resources for instructors to use and share in their teaching with students, including PowerPoint slides, a testbank, and an instructor’s manual containing guidance and links to online content such as video material, reports, websites and relevant journal articles for each chapter

The textbook is suitable for students taking a b2b/industrial marketing module at undergraduate or postgraduate levels. It will also be useful to researchers and practitioners involved in b2b/industrial marketing. Ross Brennan was the former professor of industrial marketing at the University of Hertfordshire, UK. Louise Canning is Associate Professor of Marketing at Kedge Business School, Marseille France. Helen McGrath is Lecturer in Marketing at University College Cork, Ireland.

Part 1: Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Marketing
Chapter 1: Business-to-Business Markets and Marketing
Chapter 2: Buyer Behaviour
Chapter 3: Inter-firm Relationships and Networks
Part 2: Business-to-Business Marketing Analysis and Strategy
Chapter 4: Responsible Business-to-Business Strategy
Chapter 5: Researching Business-to-business Markets
Chapter 6: Business Market Segmentation
Part 3: Communicating and Interacting with Customers
Chapter 7: Market Communication
Chapter 8: Relationship Communication
Chapter 9: Relationship Portfolios and Key Account Management
Part 4: Managing Marketing Processes
Chapter 10: Managing Product Offerings
Chapter 11: Routes to Market
Chapter 12: Price-setting in Business-to-business Markets
Key features
  • Includes new coverage of digital and social media marketing in the B2B environment, to reflect online developments
  • Is updated to reflect the effects and impact of global changes such as the legally binding deal signed at the Paris Climate Conference (Dec. 2015)
  • Includes new ‘scenario’ boxes which provide reflective decision-based situations for students to think through, helping them prepare for future roles.

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