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A Reputation Professionals Can Trust Learn more about the SAGE story for each of our disciplines

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SAGE means business! Founded in 1965 by 24-year-old entrepreneur Sara Miller McCune, SAGE remains committed to fostering creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial mindsets around the world through publishing high quality, up-to-date titles for the Business curriculum. We partner with top authors who bring the right balance of research, teaching, and industry experience to help prepare students to compete in the modern business world. As a student-friendly publisher, we keep our prices affordable, our resources open-access and free, and provide multiple formats of our textbooks so students can choose the option that works best for them. We remain majority-owned by our founder who has ensured we will remain permanently independent and fiercely committed to publishing the highest quality resources for Business instructors and students.


SAGE Communication has long been dedicated to publishing high quality textbooks and resources by respected scholars in all major course areas within Communication. Today, we continue to grow the depth and breadth of our list with up-to-date titles that reflect the latest advances in the discipline. To meet the evolving needs of faculty and students, we provide technology-driven, interactive solutions for Communication that save faculty time and help students succeed. We are particularly well known for our lists in Intercultural Communication, Introduction to Mass Communication, and Media Literacy.


SAGE Counseling is known for its quality content, innovative resources, social justice focus, and breadth of offerings across the counseling curriculum. We are trusted by instructors to provide the tools their students need to become successful 21st century counselors. We support the discipline by integrating CACREP standards into many of our titles. SAGE publishes 74 academic journals in the many fields of psychology, including the ones read by counselors and therapists. Our groundbreaking textbooks, influential journals, and must-have reference materials are designed to help counselors and future counselors to make a difference in the lives of their clients. 


SAGE Criminal Justice, a relatively young program, has secured a strong position in the highly competitive Criminal Justice market with its broad and deep list of curriculum offerings by procuring many well-known and even more up-and-coming scholars as authors for SAGE textbooks. SAGE holds a prominent position and positive relationships with the two largest associations in academia, The American Society of Criminology (ASC) and Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS). SAGE has led the effort in publishing high quality texts and resources for over 15 years, and has taken an innovative approach to developing textbooks with a focus on careers and application. This focus has resulted in technology-driven, interactive solutions like original videos and interactive eBooks, and robust instructor and student resources for almost every textbook across the CJ curriculum. SAGE recognizes the importance of securing reviewers from the Institutional/Career market to ensure their needs are met by creating solutions to address student retention and to prepare students for career readiness.


SAGE Education is a growing list, expanding rapidly to meet the needs of tomorrow’s educators through high quality resources written by respected authors. We are committed to developing textbooks, videos, and online resources that both meet the needs and inspire today’s pre-service teachers.  Our offerings span the curriculum, featuring quality content and solutions that go beyond the classroom to ensure that present and future educators have the tools they need to succeed in today’s educational arena. Our goal is to make it easier for educators to serve their students better.


SAGE Political Science is known for publishing scholarly content from well-respected authors for courses across the full political science curriculum. To support teaching and learning in political science, SAGE partners with the discipline by sponsoring an award for the best paper in the field of comparative politics presented at the American Political Science Association (APSA) Annual Meeting. SAGE remains majority-owned by our founder, ensuring that we will remain permanently independent and fiercely committed to publishing the highest quality resources for political science instructors and students.


SAGE is committed to serving the very core of the Psychology discipline in innovative ways with both books and online products that address the entire curriculum from undergraduate to graduate. As the preeminent Research Methods publisher in the world, we are a committed partner to the Psychology discipline. SAGE has the fastest growing Psychology list in the industry and is the publisher of the Association for Psychological Science (APS) and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) journals. We are innovating in the development of video content that meets the most frequently expressed ancillary needs of Psychology professors. SAGE attends more Psychology conferences than just about any other single textbook publisher in Psychology, demonstrating our commitment to supporting the discipline and to making it easier and more convenient for instructors to discover and explore our content. To support teaching and learning in Psychology, SAGE sponsors an award for up and coming academics in conjunction with the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (APA Division).


SAGE Research Methods has been a leader in methodological innovation since its inception. Pioneers in mixed methods, evaluation, and new statistical techniques, we are now publishing in emerging fields, such as data science and social media. Our authors are innovative thought leaders in areas including mixed methods, evaluation, and statistics. Our Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences series (short, utilitarian guides to cutting-edge statistical techniques) launched in 1976 now has 175 volumes and sales of more than 2 million. Our highly-respected books for the complete curriculum are acclaimed for the way they lead readers through every step in the research journey, from developing good research questions to collecting, and analyzing their own data.


You know us by our authors! SAGE Sociology is committed to the discipline and is known for its respected authors—all experts in their field—and for the breadth of its list, which includes high quality titles for courses up and down the Sociology curriculum. In addition, we have a prominent connection and relationship with the American Sociological Association (ASA), one of the most respected associations in academia. We remain majority-owned by our founder, ensuring that we will remain permanently independent and fiercely committed to publishing the highest quality Sociology resources for instructors and students.