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Communicating Effectively with the Chinese

Communicating Effectively with the Chinese

June 1998 | 119 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
How can North Americans improve their communication with the Chinese? A useful and efficient approach to understand prevalent cultural assumptions underlying everyday Chinese communicative activities, Communicating Effectively with the Chinese identifies and conceptualizes some of the distinctive communication practices in Chinese culture. Utilizing the self-OTHER perspective as a conceptual foundation, authors Ge Gao and Ting-Toomey portray and interpret the dynamics of Chinese communication. They examine how self-conception, role and hierarchy, relational dynamics, and face affect ways of conducting everyday talk in Chinese culture. They explain why miscommunication between Chinese and North Americans take place and suggest ways to improve Chines/North American communication. By incorporating instances of everyday talk, Gao and Ting-Toomey offer a realistic and clear illustration of the specific characteristics and functions of Chinese communication, as well as problematic areas of Chinese-North American encounters. Adding to the sparse literature on communicating with others of different cultural backgrounds, Communicating Effectively with the Chinese is an insightful resource that will be widely used by professionals and academics in communication, intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, Asian studies, and race and ethnic studies.

Self-OTHER Perspective and Communication
Chinese Personal Relationship Development Processes
Characteristics of Chinese Communication
Mian Zi
Miscommunication Between Chinese and North Americans

This Chinese communication is excellent and provides a lot of details and examples to understand Chinese cultural norms and how Chinese communicate. It can be a good reference for Chinese cultural studies and Cross-cultural communication with Chinese.

Dr Chavi Chen
IESEG, School of Management, Catholic University of Lille
March 24, 2016

Too light, too American. Much less depth and detail than required, but that is not the main problem. The main problem is it is too US-centric. The book is about US-Chinese cultural disparities, so lacks relevance to other countries. It will be good for historical references, i.e. referring to studies done in the 1990s, but it lacks up-to-date and broader cross-cultural relevance.

Mr Kenneth Wilkinson
Dept of Marketing, Ops & Digital Busin, Manchester Metropolitan University
March 21, 2015

Too dated and too American to be useful to non-North American research.

Mr Kenneth Anthony Wilkinson
Dept of Marketing, Ops & Digital Busin, Manchester Metropolitan University
February 15, 2016

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