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Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies
Theory and Practice

Fifth Edition

August 2016 | 760 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
With over 40,000 copies sold, Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice has been the indispensable guide to studying culture for generations of students. Here is everything students need to know, with all the key concepts, theories and thinkers in one comprehensive, authoritative yet accessible resource.

Teaching students the foundations of cultural studies - from ideology, representation and discourse to audiences, subcultures and cultural policy - this revised edition:
  • Fully explores the ubiquity of digital media culture, helping readers analyse issues surrounding social mediasurveillance, cyber-activism and more
  • Introduces students to all the key thinkers they’ll encounter, from Stuart Hall and Michel Foucault to Judith Butler and Donna Haraway
  • Balances the classics with cutting edge theory, including case studies on e-commerce, the self-help industry, the transgender debate, and representations of race
  • Embraces popular culture in all of its diversity, from drag kings and gaming, to anime fandom and remix cultures
  • Is re-written throughout with a new co-author, making it a more enjoyable read than ever. 
Unmatched in coverage and used world-wide, this is the essential companion for all students of cultural studies, culture and society, media and cultural theory, popular culture and cultural sociology.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Cultural Studies
Concerning this Book  
The Parameters of Cultural Studies  
Key Concepts in Cultural Studies  
The Intellectual Strands of Cultural Studies  
The New Cultural Studies Project  
Central Problems in Cultural Studies  
Questions of Methodology  
Chapter 2: Questions of Culture and Ideology
Culture with a Capital C: The Great and the Good in the Literary Tradition  
Culture is Ordinary  
Richard Hoggart: The Uses of Literacy  
Edward Thompson: The Making of the English Working Class  
Raymond Williams and Cultural Materialism  
High Culture/ Low Culture: Aesthetics and the Collapse of Boundaries  
Culture and the Social Formation  
The Question of Ideology  
Chapter 3: Culture, Meaning, Knowledge: The Linguistic Turn in Cultural Studies
Barthes and Mythology  
Derrida: Textuality and Differance  
Foucault: Discourse, Practice and Power  
Post-Marxism and the Discursive Construction of the 'Social'  
Language and Psychoanalysis: Lacan  
Language as Use: Wittgenstein and Rorty  
Discourse and the Material  
Chapter 4: Biology, the Body and Culture
The Problem of Reductionism  
The Capabilities of Science  
The Cultured Body  
Genetic Engineering  
The Evolved Body of Biology  
Evolutionary Culture  
Biology and Culture: The Case of Emotions  
Meme Theory  
Chapter 5: A New World Disorder?
Economy, Technology and Social Class  
The State, Politics and New Social Movements  
Chapter 6: Enter Postmodernism
Defining the Terms  
Modernism and Culture  
Modern and Postmodern Knowledge  
The Promise of Postmodernism (or Modernity as an unfinished Project?)  
Postmodern Culture  
After Postmodernism  
Chapter 7: Issues of Subjectivity and Identity
Subjectivity and Identity  
The Fracturing of Identity  
Agency and the Politics of Identity  
Anti-Essentialism, Feminism and the Politics of Identity  
Chapter 8: Ethnicity, Race and Nation
Race and Ethnicity  
National Identities  
Diaspora and Hybrid Identities  
Race, Ethnicity and Representation  
Chapter 9: Sex, Subjectivity and Representation
Feminism and Cultural Studies  
Sex, Gender and Identity  
Sexed Subjects  
Men and Masculinity  
Gender, Representation and Media Culture  
Chapter 10: Television, Texts and Audiences
Television Today  
Television as Text: News and Ideology  
Social Media and News Reporting  
Television as Text: Soap Opera as Popular Televsion  
Television Storytelling in the Twenty-First Century  
The Active Audience  
Television Audiences and Cultural Identity  
The Globalization of Televsion  
Global Electronic Culture  
When TV isn't on Television  
Chapter 11: Digital Media Culture
A Digital Revolution  
Digital Media 101  
Digital Divides  
Cyberspace and Democracy  
The Cultural Politics of Information  
The Global Information Economy  
Chapter 12: Cultural Space and Urban Place
Space and Place in Contemporary Theory  
Cities as Places  
Political Economy and the Global City  
The Symbolic Economy of Cities  
The Postmodern City  
Cyberspace and the City  
The City as Text  
Chapter 13: Youth, Style and Resistance
The Emergence of Youth  
Youth Subcultures  
Youthful Difference: Class, Gender and Race  
Space: A Global Youth Culture?  
Global Youth Online  
After Subcultures  
Creative Consumption  
Resistance Revisited  
Digital Youth Culture  
Chapter 14: Cultural Politics and Cultural Policy
Cultural Studies and Cultural Politics  
Cultural Politic: The Influence of Gramsci  
The Cultural Politics of Difference  
Difference, Ethnicity and the Politics of Representation  
Difference, Citizenship and the Public Sphere  
Questioning Cultural Studies  
The Cultural Policy Debate  
Neo-Pragmatism and Cultural Studies  

It is a pleasure to welcome a new edition of Cultural Studies, the most comprehensive, dispassionate and insightful treatment of this turbulent field. With Emma A. Jane’s additions, new topics are opened up with a sure-footed adventurousness that is both scholarly and thought-provoking, adding a distinctive update to a reliable resource.

John Hartley
Curtin University and Cardiff University

This book presents a magisterial overview of Cultural Studies, and of studies of culture more broadly. It synthesises a bewildering range of writers and ideas into a comprehensible narrative. It’s respectful to the history of ideas and completely cutting edge. I learned a lot – you will too.

Alan McKee
University of Technology Sydney

The role of culture in spatial, digital and political settings is a vital aspect of contemporary life. Barker and Jane provide an excellent introduction to Cultural Studies’ relationship to these core issues, both through a clear explanation of key concepts and thinkers, alongside well chosen examples and essential questions.

David O'Brien
Goldsmiths, University of London

The 5th edition of Cultural Studies by Chris Barker and Emma A. Jane has been carefully and reflectively updated to keep abreast of the ongoing kaleidoscopic changes in culture and cultural theory. Particularly noteworthy is the heavily updated chapter on digital media and the section on digital youth culture, where new terms and theories are presented. The book is very pedagogical in its use of bullet-points, summaries, and questions which provoke critical reflection. I fully endorse this new edition of the book and warmly recommend it as an extremely valuable teaching and learning resource!

Antoinette Fage-Butler
Aarhus University, Denmark

Excellent textbook. When you are teaching a course in Comparative Cultures it is hard to find a good match with underlying course outcomes.

Peter Groff
Criminal Justice/Sociology Dept, University of Jamestown
April 4, 2019

The book on 'Cultural Studies' was essential to fill the gaps in our understanding of trans-disciplinary dimensions of culture and its allied manifestations. 'Cultural Studies' - underpins the necessary theoretical scaffoldings for multitude issues and positions in the subject of society and allied forces that shape our culture - and the book 'Cultural Studies' fulfils our desire to embark on the discussion and debate on 'Culture' as one of the attribution of human development.

Dr Quazi Zaman
Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment , Robert Gordon University
October 23, 2017

A relevant, modern and accessible text that provides both a practical and a theoretical grounding in a subject that is becoming ever more important for students of social science.

Dr Simon Bishop
Dept of Health,Wellbeing & the family, Canterbury Christ Church University
May 23, 2016

This is a book that is an ideal introduction to the issues surrounding the ever-expanding social and digital media culture. It serves as an excellent resource in that research area.

Dr Walter Riggans
Cliff College, Cliff College
November 5, 2015

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Chapter 9: Sex, Subjectivity & Representation

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