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Doing Discourse Analysis

Doing Discourse Analysis
Methods for Studying Action in Talk and Text

May 2000 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This book is about doing discourse analysis. Its focus is on method, but the method is embedded in a wider theoretical perspective on social life, in the view of language as action, in the recognition that the social world revolves around talk (and writing). What is it that we accomplish by talking? Can we reconceptualize such traditional concepts as attribution and personality in discursive terms or shed light on applied topics, such as sexual abuse and legal adjudication?

Doing Discourse Analysis: Methods for Studying Action in Talk and Text draws on conversation analysis, critical discourse analysis, pragmatics, and particularly, the discursive approach developed in social psychology. The book presents examples of actual discourse analyses, covers procedures of data collection and strategies for data analysis, and addresses issues of reliability and validity or the scientific warrants for discourse-analytic work.

This book provides both the practical steps for doing discourse analysis and the theoretical justifications for these steps. It is an essential book for students and researchers undertaking discourse analysis.

Language, Discourse and Discourse Analysis
Varieties of Discourse Analysis
Example of Discourse Analysis
Discourse and Data
Data Collection
Preparation for Analysis
Analysis I
Strategies of Interpretation

Analysis II
Patterns and Context

Identities in Talk
Research Examples

Warranting in Discourse Analysis
Writing the Report

The book does not provide practical analysis techniques for novice researchers

Dr Bahadir Namdar
Primary Education/ Science Education Program, Recep Tayyip Erdogan University
September 18, 2017

I would recommend as an introduction text.

Mrs Moyra Journeaux
Dept of Health & Social Care, Chester University
July 2, 2015

Discourse analysis is an under used research method which I would like my students to explore as an option when undertaking their own research.

Ms Kirsten Stevens-Wood
Cardiff School of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University
October 13, 2015

Great book offering a practical guide to conducting discourse analysis.

Ms Deborah Gabriel
School of Media, Music & Performance, Salford University
July 24, 2012

A very helpful resource, presenting a good balance of theoretical information and actual examples of discourse analysis of text. The appendices include more material which is helpful to the reader, both at novice and more advanced level.

Dr Dario Pellegrini
Child and Family, Tavistock Centre
January 23, 2012

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