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Doing Rapid Qualitative Research

Doing Rapid Qualitative Research

September 2021 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

If you are working in a time-sensitive context, need to deliver research findings so they can be used to inform decisions, or are finding it difficult to access research funding for long-term qualitative research, this book will help you. Introducing ‘rapid qualitative research’, it demonstrates how you can conduct high quality qualitative research within time, access and resource constraints.

The book uses real world examples to illustrate the benefits and challenges of using rapid qualitative research designs. Focusing on the when, why and how, it explains the difference between cutting corners and making quick, well-informed research choices that support rigorous, credible research.

Key features of the book include discussion questions and exercises for you to reflect on and apply your learning, as well as two case study chapters of real-world research so you can see rapid research in action.

Written by the world’s leading expert on this subject, this book contains the theoretical and practical nuts and bolts you need to reframe existing qualitative methods, speed up your research, and make tangible contributions to your field.  It is the perfect companion for any researcher, final-year undergraduate or postgraduate student looking to conduct rapid, but rigorous, qualitative research.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: A brief overview of rapid qualitative research approaches
Chapter 3: Designing rapid qualitative studies
Chapter 4: Data collection in rapid qualitative research
Chapter 5: Data analysis and interpretation
Chapter 6: Challenges and practicalities of rapid qualitative research
Chapter 7: Dissemination and the use of findings
Chapter 8: Case study 1: A rapid appraisal of healthcare workers’ experiences of care during COVID-19
Chapter 9: Case study 2: A rapid service evaluation of programmes to support children with learning disabilities
Chapter 10: The future of rapid qualitative research

An introduction to Rapid Qualitative Research combines evidence-based research rigor with research practicality. The book is an essential toolkit to help researchers find rapid and sound solutions using qualitative research.

Cristina Gonzalez
Florida International University (Doctorate Student)

This book is essential to anyone that wants to start with rapid qualitative research. It is full of useful examples and exercises that help the reader to engage and apply the method to their research.

Daniela Mardones-Bravo
University of Edinburgh

Vindrola-Padros has created an essential resource for methodologists, applied researchers, and social scientists alike. This well-written introductory text provides coverage of a number of important issues and techniques to help readers design and carry out rapid qualitative research. 

Thurka Sangaramoorthy
University of Maryland; Author of Rapid Ethnographic Assessments: A Practical Approach and Toolkit for Collaborative Community Research

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance and value of conducting rapid qualitative research to inform decision-making and to support the timely strategic response to the pandemic. The book is therefore very timely to help researchers implement rapid qualitative studies.

Jeremy Horwood
Associate Professor of Social Sciences and Health at Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol

This book is very helpful for nursing science students who need to do applied qual. research.

Ms Sandra Staudacher
Institute of Nursing Science, University of Basel
February 7, 2022

Although not central to my students research needs it may be interesting to some of them. I have asked the library to obtain it for 'further reading'

Dr Anne Elliott
London Sport Institute, Middlesex University
November 15, 2021

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