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Education Policy

Education Policy

May 2013 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the pace of change in education policy? This essential book takes an historical perspective to illuminate current educational issues. The authors draw on documentary evidence to describe, record and analyze education policy in England and Wales since the Second World War.

Inside you will find in-depth interviews with a number of former Education Ministers, and others who were directly involved in the development and implementation of education policy. Key decision-makers such as David Blunkett, Ed Balls and Michael Gove are asked to discuss the historical context of their period of office and to consider the lasting legacy of the policies they have been responsible for.

This is a must-read for graduate students in education courses. It will be a valuable resource to undergraduates studying modern history and social policy, as well as international students who wish to gain an insight of the English education system. From Butler to Balls and beyond, this book provides a unique insight into the impact and legacy of education policy.

1944-1960: The Post-War Consensus: Education for All?
1960-1969: A Decade of Social and Legislative Innovation
1970-1979: The Breakdown of Consensus
1979-1987: Introduction of Competition into Education
1988-1992: Education Reform: A Period of Turbulence
1992-1997: Education Practice under the Microscope
1997-2001: The First Labour Government since 1979
2001-2007: The Second Phase of the Labour Government
2007-2010: The Final Part of the New Labour Project

A very good textbook covering the essentials of education policy.

Mr Peter Hill
School of Business and Social Sciences, Roehampton University
August 13, 2014

An excellent source for the exploration of the timeline of educational policy.

Ms Melody Harrogate
EHS, Derby univeristy
July 8, 2014

Useful book to support the development of student teacher's understanding of current policy and the history. Explanations of how we are we we are.

Mrs Catherine Carden
POINTED, Canterbury Christ Church University
May 22, 2014

This is a very well written and researched book and provides a thorough history of education in England, and provides an interesting context for the current changes in policy.
It will serve as a very useful resource for students in illustrating the contexts for change, for them to situate policies within the wider scale and use as the starting point for more in-depth study of the curriculum.

Dr Jim Clack
Department of Primary Education, Bedfordshire University
April 25, 2014

This is a really useful text; the inclusion of interview material with different Education Secretaries works extremely well as a key feature.

Mr Graham Bright
Faculty of Education & Theology, York St John University College
March 25, 2014

Clear timeline on education policy - easy to understand

Mrs Ursula Quick
School of Social Sciences and Law, University of Teesside
March 24, 2014

comprehensive history of the educational landscape up until present time; explains why the curriculum is shaped as it is. Good for PGCE students and their curriculum understanding.

Mrs Marcia Dewar
Sch of Education & Prof Development, Huddersfield University
February 19, 2014

This text book will hep students at all level who are interested in policy-making and in policies in general to understand the development of education policy in the post war years. This book is a great addition to the existing ones.

Ms Eva Mikuska
Childhood Studies (Bishop Otter), Chichester University
December 12, 2013

This book will serve as a key piece of reading for Postgraduate students. Undergraduate students, especially of Education Studies, will benefit mainly from the case studies of the Secretaries of States for Education.
This is an impressive and important text for background reading within education policy research

Mr Lewis Stockwell
School of Education, Hertfordshire University
November 20, 2013

A very readable book introducing education policy. Useful for dipping into to find out about some specific changes.

Mrs Jane Boothman
Education, South Gloucestershire & Stroud College
November 14, 2013

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