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Feminist Fieldwork Analysis
Based on the author's experience with what she calls analysis block, Feminist Fieldwork Analysis offers advice for researchers who want to translate a feminist sensibility into qualitative analysis. Each chapter provides a guiding feminist principle; studies that show the principle in action; and analytic questions that researchers can keep in mind in the field or at the desk. These widely applicable principles (which correspond with chapter titles) include: Talk is Action, Similarities Can be Deceiving, Sexism Can be Anywhere, The Personal is Political, and Everything is More than One Thing. The author has chosen engaging examples to illustrate the principles, and useful questions to bring to any feminist qualitative project. The final chapter calls on feminist researchers to apply the principles and findings of feminist research in their everyday lives, including the groups and organizations of which they are a part.

What’s on the Agenda?
Talk is Action
Similarities Can be Deceiving
Sexism Can be Anywhere
The Personal is Political
Everything is More than One Thing
Bringing it Home

Very "wordy" and too difficult to follow

Mrs Heather Christine Turner
Health , Chester University
January 17, 2016

A very insightful and easy to grasp application of feminist methodology to research. The author deals with major issues in feminist research, such as power and authority, giving voice and reflexivity. A useful guide to any student that is going to engage in qualitative research

Ms Irena Loveikaite
Department of Applied Arts, Waterford Institute of Technology
May 22, 2015
Key features
  • Provides guiding feminist principles in the introduction of each chapter
  • Contains real world examples of feminist fieldwork analysis
  • Includes analytical questions at the end of each chapter that can be applied to work in the field or at the desk
  • Gives researchers the principles that matter for doing qualitative work and research

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