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Health Communication

Health Communication
A Multicultural Perspective

October 2000 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This volume is based upon a review of available literature and intervention experiences selected from modern and traditional societies. It is augmented by the lessons learned through the editors' experience in teaching courses on health communication and foundation of health behavior in graduate public health programs at several leading universities in the United States and abroad over two decades. Examples and implications are also drawn from extensive involvement in diverse health and health communication projects, such as the on-going community-based public health project in South Central Los Angeles sponsored by UCLA and the Kellogg Foundation. This particular project is designed to develop health promotion communication interventions from a multicultural perspective and provides unmatched opportunities to focus on the dynamics of a multicultural community as they affect health communication interventions.

Snehendu B Kar, Rina Alcalay with Shana Alex
Changing Health Needs
The Imperative for a Multicultural Paradigm

Snehendu B Kar, Rina Alcalay with Shana Alex
The Emergence of a New Public Health Paradigm in the United States
Snehendu B Kar, Rina Alcalay with Shana Alex
The Evolution of Health Communication in the United States
Snehendu B Kar, Rina Alcalay with Shana Alex
A Multicultural Society
Facing a New Culture

Snehendu B Kar, Rina Alcalay with Shana Alex
Communicating with Multicultural Populations
A Theoretical Framework

Deborah Glik and Angela Mickalide
Childhood Unintentional Injury Prevention
Multicultural Perspectives

Karen Thiel Raykovich, James A Wells and Clifford Binder
The Usefulness of the 'Health Diary'
Findings from a Case Study of Six Healthy Start Sites

Gauri Bhattacharya
Parent-Child Communication in Drug Abuse Prevention among Adolescents
Donald E Morisky and Vicki J Ebin
The Effectiveness of Peer Education in STD/HIV Prevention
Lisa A Russell
Health Communication for HIV Risk Reduction among Homeless Youth
Len Levy Storms et al
The Community as Classroom
A Health Communication Program Among Older Samoan and American Indian Women

Robert A Bell and Rina E Alcalay
Health Communication Campaign Design
Lessons from the California 'Wellness Guide' Distribution Project

Snehendu B Kar, Rina Alcalay with Shana Alex
Evaluation of Multicultural Health Communication
Snehendu B Kar, Rina Alcalay with Shana Alex
Lessons Learned and Implications

Many of our students come from a multicultural background and work with clients from other background this is a useful source of information.

Mrs Annette Helliwell
Health , Croydon College
March 3, 2016

This book will help some students who wish to expand their knowledge of multicultural perspectives of communication. This may have too much depth for some students working at level 3.

early years health and care, South Essex College
August 4, 2015

This book is very useful in terms of research related to health communication and will be suitable at level 3. However, I think it will mainly suit students who are able / motivated to apply concepts with both breadth and depth.

early years health and care, South Essex College
April 30, 2015

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