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Introduction to Primary School Teaching

Introduction to Primary School Teaching

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February 2024 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book gives primary student teachers the professional knowledge required to succeed in the classroom and an understanding of how to develop their teaching skills throughout their teacher training course.

Taking the key themes of the ITT Core Content Framework, this comprehensive book covers every major aspect of contemporary teaching and supports new teachers in reflecting on what good pedagogic practice looks like and how to develop this through observing and learning from expert colleagues. 

Case studies, based on real examples provided by headteachers and other experts, offer the chance to explore day-to-day teaching issues in real life. Critical tasks and question guides challenge readers to deepen their practical knowledge. 

This is essential reading for all students on primary initial teacher education courses including university-based (PGCE, BEd, BA with QTS) and school-based (School Direct, SCITT, Teach First) routes into teaching.

Rachel Eperjesi & Colin Forster
Chapter 1: Introduction: The Values and Characteristics of Great Teachers
Sian Templeton
Chapter 2: Understanding Behaviour
Colin Forster
Chapter 3: Managing Behaviour
Chantel Yeates, Kevin Day & Colin Forster
Chapter 4: Children Managing their own Behaviour: Self-regulation
Jackie McNeil
Chapter 5: How Pupils Learn
Kate Thomson
Chapter 6: Planning and Teaching for Meaningful Learning
Rachel Eperjesi
Chapter 7: Adaptive Teaching
Tracey Wire
Chapter 8: Know What You’re Talking About: Subject Knowledge for Teaching
Rachel Eperjesi
Chapter 9: Rich Learning Across the Curriculum
Colin Forster
Chapter 10: The Potential of Homework to Enrich the Curriculum
Ruth Hollier
Chapter 11: Deciding What to Assess
Michelle Walton
Chapter 12: Feedback and Feedforward
Jude Penny
Chapter 13: Engaging Learners in Assessment
Graham Parton
Chapter 14: Professional Learning
Simon Hyde-White
Chapter 15: Working Collaboratively
Ben Screech
Chapter 16: Resilience, Grit and Bravery
Emma Howell
Chapter 17: Positive Classroom Cultures
Lynda Kay & Tristan Middleton
Chapter 18: Special Educational Needs and Disability
Debbie Innes-Turnill
Chapter 19: Safeguarding
Rachel Eperjesi, Colin Forster & Ruth Hollier
Chapter 20: Starting Your Career and Enjoying Your Teaching

It is good to see a book approach the idea of supporting children and their "visual" behaviours by understanding the underlying factors and influences and focusing on pupils' self-efficacy. Other topics are covered in a refreshing and relevant manner in my opinion - this book looks at teaching in its broadest sense rather than simply focussing on curriculum.

Mrs Sarah Barton
Education, Portsmouth University
June 26, 2024

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