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Just Stop and Think!

Just Stop and Think!
Helping Children Plan to Improve Their Own Behaviour

Second Edition

October 2007 | 104 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Children who struggle with their behaviour, just like those who struggle with an academic task such as learning to read or doing mathematical calculations, need extra, structured, support. This resource helps educational staff to teach young people to improve their behaviour without resorting to punishment or to strategies based on lost learning opportunities.

The ready-to-use worksheets encourage pupils to:

• understand their own behaviour

• see others point of view

• think about how the future might look

• consider the range of choices to action

• be aware of potential help and pitfalls

• plan a course of action

• check and review their progress.

These will help children to take responsibility for their actions - both those that get them in trouble and those that they can take to change their behaviour for the better.

For this new edition, the author has revised and expanded the whole book, and added 16 brand new worksheets. It is ideal for anyone working with pupils experiencing difficulty in school and can be used in group or individual work settings.

Introduction and Further Reading
Session Record Sheet
Helping Youngsters To:
Understand Their Own Behaviour

See Other's Point Of View

Think About How the Future Might Look

Consider the Range Of Choices for Action

Be Aware Of Potential Help and Pitfalls

Plan a Course of Action

Check and Review Their Progress


'[This book] offers a resource to schools that can be incorporated into differentiated classroom planning, as well as IBPs, IEPs or pastoral guidance for a particular child…[The book offers] a comprehensive means of helping those children who struggle with their behaviour to learn to take responsibility for their actions and to improve' - Special

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