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Lab Manual for Psychological Research

Lab Manual for Psychological Research

Fifth Edition

August 2023 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Lab Manual for Psychological Research, Fifth Edition, by Dawn M. McBride and J. Cooper Cutting provides students with opportunities to practice and apply the knowledge and skills learned in their research methods course. Developed for use in a lab course or as take-home review, the manual contains four types of practice: exercises that connect to specific concepts, exercises for developing a research project, APA style exercises that become progressively more complex, and instruction for how to avoid plagiarism. The new edition provides fully revised exercises for the 7th edition of the APA style guide along with other new and revised exercises. The book now follows the progression of steps in the research process to better to better match student projects. This comprehensive and practical manual can be used with Dawn M. McBride's best-selling The Process of Research in Psychology, Fifth Edition, or as a supplement to other core texts.

PART I : Research Methods Exercises
1. Science Versus Pseudoscience Exercise

2. Science in the News

3. Reading Journal Articles Exercise—Shachnai et al. (2022)

4. Reading Journal Articles Exercise—Sana and Yan (2022)

5. Reading Journal Articles Exercise— Mojdehi et al. (2020)

6. Reading Journal Articles Exercise—Flanigan and Titsworth (2020)

7. Literature Reviews

8. Identifying and Developing Hypotheses About Variables

9. Bias and Control Exercise

10. Design a Study Exercise

11. Research Design Exercise

12. Design and Data Collection Exercise

13. Experiments Exercise

14. Identifying Independent and Dependent Variables Exercise

15. Operationally Defining Variables Exercise

16. Identifying Variables From Empirical Articles

17. Internal and External Validity Exercise

18. Ethics Exercise

19. Ethics in Published Study Exercise

20. Subject Sampling Exercise

21. Descriptive Statistics Exercise

22. Graphing Exercise

23. Misleading Graphs Exercise

24. Correlations and Scatterplots Exercise

25. Making Hypotheses Exercise

26. Inferential Statistics Exercise

27. Inferential Statistics and Analysis Exercise

28. Statistical Hypothesis Generation Exercise

29. Factorial Design Exercise

30. Factorial Design Exercise— Sproesser, Schupp, and Renner (2014)

31. Factorial Design Exercise— Farmer, McKay, and Tsakiris (2014)

PART II : Research Project Exercises
32. Getting Your Research Ideas for the Group Project

33. Picking Your Research Idea for the Group Project

34. Brief Literature Review for Group Project Development

35. Group Project Literature Review

36. Variables in Your Group Projects

37. Mock Institutional Review Board Form

38. Pilot of Research Project

39. Statistical Analyses for Your Group Project

40. Group Project Data Analysis Exercise

41. Group Project Methods Section

42. Group Project Results Section

43. Group Project Discussion Section

44. Group Project Abstract

PART III : APA Style Exercises
45. Creating APA Style References

46. APA Style Exercise

47. Sample Manuscript Text

48. Citations and References

49. APA Exercise: Organizing and Formatting a Complete Report—Part A

50. APA Exercise: Organizing and Formatting a Complete Report—Part B

51. APA Exercise: Organizing and Formatting a Complete Report—Part C

52. APA Exercise: Organizing and Formatting a Complete Report—Part D

PART IV : Avoiding Plagiarism Exercises
53. Identifying Plagiarism

54. Avoiding Plagiarism

55. Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting Exercise



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Key features

  • APA exercises in Part III and references throughout have been updated for the 7th edition of the APA style guide

  •  Exercises have been reorganized to follow the steps in the research process

  •  New exercises on avoiding plagiarism have been added to Part IV

  • Group activity exercises are now included on the instructor website

  •  A research development project offers instructors the ability to assign an individual or group project to be completed as students learn the research process.

  •  Content relevant to any student studying research methods in psychology makes the lab manual useable as a supplement with other core texts.

II. Chapter-Specific Changes

Please list changes to each element, including textual revision, tables, maps, charts, figures, data, readings, etc, as applicable.






Updated the connection table to chapters in Process text and added the corresponding research process steps for each exercise.

Part I:
Please check all that apply

?Major Changes ?Minor Changes ?Changed Tables/Figures   
?Changes Data & Statistics    ?Changed References/Citation
Summary of Changes: 
Exercises were updated with new data and research articles to use more current research and to change correct answers to stave off use of answer key found online by students. Class activities and readings were moved to the Instructor’s Manual.

Part II:
Please check all that apply

?Major Changes ?Minor Changes ?Changed Tables/Figures   
?Changes Data &Statistics    ?Changed References/Citation

Summary of Changes: 
This part of the manual contains exercises for a (group) research project. A few of the template items were moved to the instructor’s manual.

Please check all that apply

?Major Changes ?Minor Changes ?Changed Tables/Figures   
?Changes Data &Statistics    ?Changed References/Citation

Summary of Changes: 
Exercises were updated to conform with the 7e of the APA Style Guide and updated research examples were added to some of the exercises.

Part IV:
Please check all that apply

?Major Changes ?Minor Changes ?Changed Tables/Figures   
?Changes Data &Statistics    ?Changed References/Citation

Summary of Changes:  
The description of plagiarism and the types of plagiarism exercise was moved to the Instructor’s Manual and two new exercises were added to help students better understand how to identify and avoid plagiarism in their own writing.


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