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Perspectives from Practice

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August 2022 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Examining contemporary issues of gender, culture and ethics, this concise and highly practical textbook covers the essential, need-to-know theories required by current and future leaders.

Central to the book are the testimonies of six leaders from a diverse range of industries and company sizes, which provide real-life perspectives on leadership in organisations around the world. As a reader, you are invited to reflect on your own personal experiences of leadership and consider how good leadership practices can benefit organisations and the people working within them.

Leadership: Perspectives from Practice is an essential text for undergraduate and postgraduate students of Leadership, as well as anyone looking to better their understanding of the realities of leadership and how practical leadership skills are developed. 

Laura Galloway PhD is Professor of Business and Enterprise at Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University, Director of the EBS Incubator and joint Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.


Chapter 1 Understanding Leadership: Pioneering, Influencing and Motivating
Chapter 2 Traditional Approaches to Leadership
Chapter 3 Modern Approaches to Leadership
Chapter 4 New Trends in Understanding Leadership
Chapter 5 Leadership Contexts: From Theory to Practice
Chapter 6 Leading and Diversity
Chapter 7 Leading and Culture
Chapter 8 Leading and Ethics
Chapter 9 Developing Leadership and Developing Leaders


"I appreciate the insight gained from hearing the perspectives of everyday leaders, emphasizing the human aspect of leadership."

"I appreciated the consistent reflection points throughout. They really aided in my understanding and linking of the theories to real life."

"I am particularly impressed with the book as it is presented in a very chronological manner, easy to read and easy to understand. It made my learning a lot easier."

"The book is structured in a extremely seamless information presentation way. There is a clear simple language for each theory, all theorists and scholars who have any idea about the same theory concluded by the "At its simplest". Then in an another titled paragraph for all the critique. Great Job."

"An excellent journey through the evolution of leadership with real-life examples reflecting what leaders and leadership means in modern world. The Ethical elements and cultural aspects were a refreshing addition."

Students of the MBA Leadership course

Useful for any Leadership Modules or sessions at level 7

Mrs Beverley Griffiths
Education, Buckinghamshire College Group
July 2, 2024

All major concepts have been addressed in a very simple, easy to read approach. The practical perspectives show how leadership relates to different individuals making leadership unique.

Ms Emma McCaffrey
Department of Business Studies, Dundalk Institute of Technology
July 3, 2023

This is a positive and up-to-date guide on new leadership methods and practices- works well for both those on the UG and PG programmes across leadership modules in education.

Mr Julian Ayres
School of Education and Community, Wrexham Glyndwr University
June 26, 2023

Due to the students different learning styles and additional learning needs we have adopted a selection of books for the students to select a preference. I have shared these with our library.

Ms Sara Hawkins
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Plymouth University
July 21, 2023

I decided not to adopt this text as I did not want to infringe upon a colleague's Level 7 module titled "Leadership and Management in Mental Health Nursing". I am the module leader for Part 3 MSc practice and the lines can be easily blurred between the two modules.

Mr Thomas Beary
Nursing, Hertfordshire University
December 9, 2022

Galloway presents an engaging and enlightening perspective of leadership by way of a detailed critical review of established theories and models of leadership before then critically evaluating new trends and perspectives contingent on executing the role of leader.
The text is suitable for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students reading the whole suite of Business Management and Leadership and Management modules.

Mr Andrew Clark
Faculty of Business and Law, Sunderland University
June 8, 2022

The book includes some interesting topics as is the case of diversity, culture and ethics that can be interesting for students to have a deep more understanding of these topics besides the information I debate in classes

Professor Rui Gomes
Psychology, Universidade do Minho
July 6, 2022

Excellent Text, more useful for BA course, however, I may adopt a chapter from the text.

Ms Sandra Wilkinson
Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing, Wolverhampton University
March 6, 2023

The book provides many thought provoking considerations in relation to leadership and hence this is on the reading list of the module.

Mr Stuart Woodcock
Policing, Chester University
October 19, 2023

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