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Lessons from Europe?

Lessons from Europe?
What Americans Can Learn from European Public Policies

First Edition
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February 2014 | 240 pages | CQ Press
What can American policymakers learn from the experiences of European democracies? While we can look to our own history and to the ideas emanating from our own public sphere, by looking abroad we can also learn lessons from European policies – from both those that have proven successful and those that have failed. The contributors in this volume examine the ways our European allies have dealt with issues such as rising healthcare and pension costs, large-scale immigration, childcare and work-life balance, and climate change, and ask whether such policies might prove effective in the U.S. context. Brief and engaging, Lessons from Europe? is an ideal supplement for comparative public policy courses and would add a provocative comparative component to U.S. public policy courses.

R. Kelemen
Chapter 1: Introduction: Why Look to Europe for Lessons?
Janet C. Gornick and Ariane Hegewisch
Chapter 2: Gender, Employment, and Parenthood: The Consequences of Work Family Policies
Lawrence D. Brown
Chapter 3: The Role of Regulation in Health Care Policy
Mitchell A. Orenstein
Chapter 4: Pensions: Who is Learning from Whom?
Tobias Schulze-Cleven
Chapter 5: Labor Market Policy: Toward a ‘Flexicurity’ Model in the US?
Martin Schain
Chapter 6: Immigration Policy: A Transatlantic Comparison
Frank Convery
Chapter 7: Climate Change Policy: Progress and Persistence
Ralph Buehler and John Pucher
Chapter 8: Urban Transport: Promoting Sustainability in Germany
Steven Hill
Chapter 9: Political Democracy: Consensus Building through Democracy in Europe
R. Weaver
Chapter 10: Transatlantic Lesson-Drawing: Utopia, Road to Ruin, or Source of Practical Advice?
Key features


  • Contributing authors are policy area experts who include engaging case studies and a wealth of current information and data in each of their chapters
  • An emphasis on lesson-drawing in every chapter offers students clear analysis on comparisons made between Europe and U.S. policymaking.

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1

Chapter 9

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