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Mass Communication - Interactive eBook

Mass Communication - Interactive eBook
Living in a Media World

Seventh Edition

December 2018 | SAGE Publications, Inc

This interactive eBook includes access to SAGE Premium Video and much more!

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This dynamic interactive eBook goes way beyond highlighting and note-taking, giving you access to SAGE Premium Video—curated and produced specifically for Mass Communication, Seventh Edition. Read your mobile-friendly eBook and access SAGE Premium Video and multimedia tools anywhere, anytime across desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices. Simply click on icons in the eBook to experience a broad array of multimedia features, including:

  • VIDEO: Boost learning and bolster analysis with SAGE Premium Video! Recapping the fundamentals in every chapter, each video activity is paired with chapter learning objectives and tied to assessment via SAGE coursepacks, offering an engaging approach that appeals to diverse learning styles.
  •  OFFLINE READING: Using the VitalSource Bookshelf® platform, download your book to a personal computer and read it offline.
  •  SOCIAL SHARING AND FOLLOWING: Share notes and highlights with instructors and classmates who are using the same eBook, and “follow” friends and instructors as they make their own notes and highlights.
  •  ONLINE CONTENT: Access more online content via links to important data, relevant background, and profiles that enrich key concepts in the text.

1. Living in a Media World: An Introduction to Mass Communication
Levels of Communication  
Elements of Mass Communication  
Evolution of the Media World  
Understanding the Media World  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
2. Mass Communication Effects: How Society and Media Interact
History of Media Effects Research  
Effects of the Media in Our Lives  
Theories of Media and Society  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
3. The Media Business: Consolidation, Globalization, and the Long Tail
The Development of the Media Business in the United States  
Big Media: The Legacy Conglomerates  
Big Media: The New Players  
Media Economics and the Long Tail  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
4. Books: The Birth of the Mass Media
The Development of the Book and Mass Communication  
Buying and Selling Books  
Books and Culture  
Books and Censorship  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
5. Magazines: The Power of Words and Images
The Development of a National Cultura  
The Magazine Business  
Magazines and Modern Society  
The Future of Magazines  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
6. Newspapers and the News: Reflection of a Democratic Society
Inventing the Modern Press  
The News Business  
News, Politics, and Society  
The Future of News  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
7. Audio: Music and Talk across Media
History of Sound Recording and Transmission  
Music, Youth Culture, and Society  
The Future of Sound  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
8. Movies: Mass Producing Entertainment
The Development of Movies  
The Movie Business  
Movies and Society  
The Future of Movies  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
9. Television: Broadcast and Beyond
Television: Broadcast and Cable/Satellite  
From Broadcasting to Narrowcasting: The Changing Businesss of Television  
Television and Society  
Moving Beyond Broadcasting  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
10. Online Media: The Internet, Social Media, and Video Games
The Development of the Internet  
What Are Online/Mobile Media?  
Social Media: Sharing Our Lives Online  
Video Games as Mass Communication  
The Internet and Society  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
11. Advertising: Selling a Message
The Development of the Advertising Industry  
The Advertising Business  
The Future of Advertising  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
12. Public Relations: Interactions, Relationships, and the News
From Press Agentry to Professionalism  
The Business of Public Relations  
Public Relations and Society  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
13. Media Law: Free Speech and Fairness
The Development of a Free Press  
Protection of Individuals  
Controlling the Press  
Regulation of the Media Industry  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
14. Media Ethics: Truthfulness, Fairness, and Standards of Decency
Ethical Principles and Decision Making  
Ethics and News  
Ethics and Persuasive Communication  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
Chapter 15. Global Media: Communication Around the World
Media Ideals Around the World  
Going Global: Media Standards Around The World  
Chapter Review  
Key Terms  
Review Questions  
Key features


  • Explore the latest shifts that are changing the face of the media landscape with new sections that provide increased coverage on critical theory, communicating in the age of the emoji, Amazon’s impact on the publishing industry, the importance and controversy surrounding video games, and more!
  • New infographics offer a broad picture of the media transformations over recent decades.
  • Seven Secrets They Don't Want You To Know About The Media has been updated to reflect the growing importance of mobile and social media.
  • Eleven all-new chapter opening vignettes reflect the newest developments in media news such as Internet star PewDiePie, independent musicians Wild Ponies, Marvel’s Black Panther comics, and Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair magazine cover.
  • New data for social and legacy media use in the Middle East and North Africa make this the most global edition to-date.


  • Chapter-opening vignettes exemplify chapter themes by engaging students with current stories about the people at the center of newsworthy events.
  • Illustrated timelines showcase the development of mass communication in a broader historical context.
  • Test Your Media Literacy boxes ask students to read about current research, interviews, data, or events, and then answer questions that encourage critical thinking to elicit analysis of the topic presented.
  • Test Your Visual Media Literacy boxes showcase images from various media,  seeking instinctive reactions from readers, before providing context and questions that encourage critical assessment.
  • Critical thinking questions at the end of every chapter encourage students to apply critical thinking to examples of mass communication from literature and popular culture.   
  • The Seven Secrets are highlighted to underscore the importance of media literacy principles.
  • A marginal glossary helps reinforce key concepts.

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