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Missing Organizational Linkages

Missing Organizational Linkages
Tools for Cross-Level Research

July 2000 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

In this groundbreaking book, Paul Goodman presents an innovative approach for analyzing and understanding organizations. He ask the question: How do actions among individuals and groups affect (or not affect) organizations as a whole? He challenges the view that improvement in individual or group performance necessarily "links" to enhanced organizational functioning. Clearly written in a conversational style, the book is filled with rich examples chosen to illustrate different views of the linkage concepts within different domains and context. A significant contribution to management education, the book is highly recommended for researchers, graduate students, organizational consultants, practitioners, and research libraries.

Beginning the Conversation
Framing the Organizational Linkage Problem
Tools for Linkage Analysis
Organizational Errors
Changing Organizations
Limiting Conditions

Focusing on System-Wide Changes
Change and Linkages among a System of Outcomes
Organizational Learning
Reflecting Backward and Looking Forward

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