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Navigating Research Funding with Confidence

Navigating Research Funding with Confidence

  • Carol Spencely - University of Surrey, Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Surrey
  • Marcela Acuna-Rivera - Royal Holloway University of London
  • Pam Denicolo - Consultant on Doctoral Education and Training
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December 2019 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A timely manual in the current climate of increasingly underfunded departments and institutions, this book offers insight into how to secure, manage and effectively research funding in the changing order of global economy and competing research priorities. It gives you the perspectives of those who seek, and those who award research funding, such as governments, companies and foundations. Examining the full cycle and elements of influence of research funding, this book comes with:


•         Practical case studies, 

•         Lists of potential funding sources that you can use to enhance your funding generation efforts, and

•         Explanatory videos


Clear and digestible, this text delivers systematic guidance for early career researchers and students in Graduate Schools, Doctoral Colleges, Research Methods Programmes, Academic and Research Staff Development Programmes.


Chapter 1: The context for research funding
Chapter 2: Research Funders: who you could choose and why
Chapter 3: Planning and managing your application
Chapter 4: Stages in the process of submission
Chapter 5: Writing each section of the application
Chapter 6: Getting to grips with Finances
Chapter 7: Gathering and using feedback
Chapter 8: The assessment processes
Chapter 9: Further steps in the application process: interviews
Chapter 10: First steps in a new grant
Chapter 11: Concluding remarks

This book is especially useful for university doctoral colleges training early career researchers.  Granting agencies, industrial sponsor staff was well as new staff involved with university industry research will also benefit from reading.

Carol Lane
University of British Columbia Canada