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A Broad and Balanced Curriculum in Primary Schools

A Broad and Balanced Curriculum in Primary Schools
Educating the whole child

Second Edition
Edited by:

March 2022 | 344 pages | Learning Matters

Primary schools and teachers in England are tasked with providing a Broad and Balanced curriculum.  As pressures of standardised testing and the focus on English and maths impact on teaching time, how can teachers ensure that they remain focused on this as an objective?
How do we ensure that the curriculum truly is Broad and Balanced?  How do ensure that we are educating the whole child?

This book provides both discussion of the current challenges and practical guidance and support on how to tackle them.  It informs and inspires new teachers to teach across the curriculum, and to empower the next generation of children to explore what is possible for them within their own future lives.

This second edition includes new chapters on curriculum design; alternative environments and learning spaces.

Part 1 Understanding the Context of Children’s Lives: Supporting Holistic Education
Kate Thorpe
1. Resourcing the spirit of the child: Creativity in the contemporary classroom
Rachel Mason
2. Creating Space to Explore Self-identity
Tony Eaude
3. Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development
Susan Ogier
4. Child Mental Health and the Role of the Arts
Aimee Quickfall
5. Philosophy and Learning to Think
Bonnie Kerr
6. Relationship and Sex Education: Valuing and respecting difference
Karin Doull
7. Curriculum design: Shaping purposeful learning
Carrie Winstanley
8. Developing a supportive ethos for all learners
Part 2 Making Learning Meaningful: Teaching and Assessing a Broad and Balanced Curriculum
Tony Eaude
9. Learning to Enquire: The role of the humanities
Robert Watts
10. Stranger things in the classroom: Drawing inspiration from children’s visual culture
Michael Rosen
11. Writing as an art form: an author’s perspective
Tessa Willy, Richard Dunne and Emilie Martin
12. Learning to thrive with nature
Pinky Jain
13. Balancing the equation
Susan Ogier and Nick Corston
14. Connecting STEM with the Arts: Because It Makes Sense
Lynda Chinaka and Anthony Barlow
15. Alternative Environments: Physical and virtual spaces
Maria Vinney
16. Assessing the whole child
Part 3 The Reflective Teacher: Developing as a Professional in the Primary Classroom
Murray Hudson and Terry White
17. Transforming learning spaces for a twenty-first century curriculum
Teresa Cremin
18. The personal in the professional
Tony Eaude
19. Differing views of Professionalism: Implications for primary teachers
Kate Thorpe
20. The creative teacher: Agency and empowerment
Robert Morgan
21. Myth busting in the contemporary primary classroom

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