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Nonprofit Management

Nonprofit Management
Principles and Practice

Sixth Edition
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October 2020 | 584 pages | CQ Press
“Mike Worth does a great job of explaining the concepts of nonprofit management and provides excellent case studies and exercises so students can see how these concepts work in the real-world.”
—Durand H. Crosby, J.D., Ph.D., Oklahoma University

Michael J. Worth’s best-seller, Nonprofit Management: Principles and Practice, provides a comprehensive, insightful overview of key topics nonprofit leaders encounter daily. Worth covers both the governance and management of nonprofit organizations—the scope and structure of the nonprofit sector, leadership of nonprofits, management, fundraising, earned income strategies, financial management, lobbying and advocacy, managing international and global organizations, and social entrepreneurship—helping readers understand what they are and how they work. The text balances research, theory, and practitioner literature with current cases and the most recent data available, making it appropriate for undergraduates, graduate students, and nonprofit professionals.

The Sixth Edition has been updated to include new material regarding diversity, equality, and inclusion; volunteer stewardship; nonprofit executive transitions; models for pursuing earned income; ethical dilemmas and controversial donors; generational differences in the workplace; and an exploration of the role of nonprofits in advancing social movements.

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Chapter 1 Nonprofit Management as a Profession and a Field of Study
Chapter 2 Overview of the Nonprofit Sector
Chapter 3 Theories of the Nonprofit Sector and Nonprofit Organizations
Chapter 4 Nonprofit Governing Boards
Chapter 5 Executive Leadership
Chapter 6 Ensuring Accountability and Measuring Performance
Chapter 7 Developing Strategy, Building Capacity, and Managing Risk
Chapter 8 Collaborations, Partnerships, and Mergers
Chapter 9 Managing Staff and Service Volunteers
Chapter 10 Marketing and Communications
Chapter 11 Advocacy and Lobbying
Chapter 12 Financial Management
Chapter 13 Philanthropic Fundraising
Chapter 14 Social Enterprise and Earned Income
Chapter 15 Government Grants and Contracts
Chapter 16 Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Chapter 17 Governing and Managing International and Global Organizations


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“Mike Worth does a great job of explaining the concepts of nonprofit management and provides excellent case studies and exercises so students can see how these concepts work in the real-world.”

Durand H. Crosby, J.D., Ph.D.
Oklahoma University

Nonprofit Management by Mike Worth is the right book for a group of students who are eager to learn about how to manage nonprofits but may be new to the sector. It gives ample coverage of all the key topics nonprofit leaders interact with every day. Students will leave the course with a clear understanding of what a nonprofit is, how they work, the diversity of the sector and how to manage key areas of a company.”

Jamie Stanley
Southwestern Assemblies of God University

"This text provides a comprehensive look at the theories, practices, and trends informing the effective management of nonprofit organizations in the United States. It is an excellent resource for students at the undergraduate and graduate levels, especially for those who are interested in pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector. This text provides timely and relevant information on nonprofit organizations and is accessible to a range of audiences. Highly recommended."

Catherine E. Wilson
Villanova University
Key features
  • New material on diversity, equality, and inclusion has been added and can be applied to a variety of areas in the workplace such as governing boards and management of staff and volunteers.
  • New examples on the management of social media show readers how this platform is becoming increasingly important to nonprofit fundraising and marketing.
  • New discussions on creating movements for social change encourage nonprofit managers to move beyond service and advocacy to develop an understanding for the important role nonprofits have in advancing social movements.
  • Expanded discussions on nonprofit ethics encourage dialog about ethical concerns in the nonprofit sector such as controversial donors, accountability, and performance.
  • Chapters have been updated to consider the implications of new laws and policies, for example, those related to charitable giving and accountability.
  • New data and research, drawn from both the scholarly and practitioner literatures, is incorporated at relevant points throughout the book.


  • A balanced approach explores foundational topics as well as controversial issues and current trends, providing the reader with relevant research, theory, and practical applications.
  • Assessible to readers with a diversity of experience and goals, this book provides both a foundation of knowledge that may serve as a springboard to more advanced study and a comprehensive overview for those students whose one experience with the field will consist of a single course.
  • A focus on charitable nonprofits emphasizes organizations that provide educational, health care, arts, cultural, legal, and social services.
  • Case studies and discussion questions allow instructors to adapt the book’s use to the needs of their course and students.

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