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On-line Journalism

On-line Journalism

Edited by:
  • Michael Bromley - Centre for the Study of Journalism and History, Sheffield University, UK

February 2050 | 242 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Digitization presents many challenges to journalism, and also to understanding the context in which journalism takes place.

This volume brings together the perspectives of key researchers and scholars to consider the relationship between digitization, journalism production and journalism practice.

In a rapidly-changing environment, this book provides an accessible means of understanding the impact, process and terms of digitization. It examines:

- concepts and contexts e.g. the public sphere, the information society, etc.

- developments in the media e.g.convergence, the digital divide, etc.

- issues of the post-journalism era e.g. deprofessionalisation, civic participation, etc.

- digitization and newswork and newswork setting e.g. CAJ, online journalism, etc.

- the functions of Journalism e.g. democractic, deliberative, etc.

The papers take a deliberately international stance and use a wide range of case-studies and methodological positions.

This book will be welcomed by readers seeking to understand the global digital process and journalism and those studying Journalism, Mass Communication, Cultural Studies and Sociology.

Michael Bromley
Journalism and the Digital Age
Stuart Allan
The Emergence of Online Journalism
Sam Lehman-Wilzig and Nava Cohen-Avigdor
Hard Questions, Soft Answers for a Medium in Flux
Methodological Problems and Proposals for e-Journalism Jesearch

Simon Cottle
From BBC Newsroom to BBC Newscentre
On Changing Technology and Journalist Practices

Anne Dunn
Changing Relations
Professionalism, Quality and Audiences in the Digital Media Age

Nisar Keshvani and Sharon Tickle
Student/Community Oriented Learning
Alternative Online Journalism Education

Margaret Lawson
Computer-assisted Reporting
An Empirical Study of CAR Adoption

Bruce Garrison
New Technologies in News Reporting
Journalists' Perceptions of Electronic Mail

Howard Tumber and Marina Prentoulis
`Third Age' Journalism

Mark Deuze
From Orientation to Dialogue
How the Web Enables Different Types of Journalism

John Cokley
Journalists and the Digital Divide
Ari Heinonen
Re-structuring the Local Communication Sphere
Digital Citizen Journalism

Jane Singer
Online Journalism and the Potential for Electronic Democracy
Chris Atton
Radical Journalism, Digitization and Creativity

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