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Organizational Change Management

Organizational Change Management
Inclusion, Collaboration and Digital Change in Practice

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February 2024 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book offers a holistic introduction to Organizational Change Management through a distinct and timely perspective of organizational change agency. It takes a highly practical and unique approach, with cutting-edge chapters on digital transformation, creativity, power and inclusivity and diversity.

Key features include:

  • Case Studies based on real companies, which can be used to study chapter topics across a variety of international contexts, industries, and organizational forms.
  • Experiential and Discussion Activities which provide an opportunity to gain invaluable insight needed in the workplace.


Part I - The strategic context of change
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Change: What Is Change and Why Do We Do It?
Chapter 2: Traditional Theories of Change: An Overview
Chapter 3: The Role of Strategy and the External Environment in Driving Change
Part II - An approach based on change makers
Chapter 4: Change Makers and Change Agents: Diverse Roles and Common Challenges
Chapter 5: Perspectives on Digital Transformation
Chapter 6: Change and Voice: Inclusivity, Equality and Diversity
Part III - Current issues on change
Chapter 7: Leadership and Organizational Change
Chapter 8: Power and Resistance in organizational Change
Chapter 9: Change and Creativity: Enhancing the Power of Collective Creativity
Chapter 10: Change and Innovation: Exploring Collaborative Models
Chapter 11: Evaluating Change: From Metrics to Networks
Chapter 12: Learning, Collaborative Research and Knowledge Sharing
Part IV Integrated Case Studies
Chapter 13: How to use the integrated case studies

An informative and contemporary text that analyses very relevant and current issues for current and potential change agents. Some good additions to the text, like for example, Digital Transformation, Leadership, as a stand-alone concept, Power as well as innovation. A comprehensive text for undergraduate and postgraduate students completing modules from the suite of Business and Management, degrees.

Mr Andrew Clark
Faculty of Business and Law, Sunderland University
February 15, 2024

Sage College Publishing

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