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Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nursing Students

Pathophysiology and Pharmacology for Nursing Students

June 2016 | 344 pages | Learning Matters

Carefully designed to provide an integrated introduction to both the biology of disease and the therapeutic agents that are used to manage them, this book considers the underlying pathology of many common illnesses and diseases but by focusing on those conditions which have a pharmacological intervention is able to provide nurses with a broader understanding of bioscience that reflects care given in practice.

It covers the basics of pharmacology, the core pathological concepts of inflammation, infection and cancer as well as a systems-based consideration of the pathophysiology and relevant pharmacology of common disorders. Providing the ideal starting point for student nurses to develop a robust, integrated knowledge of human disease and pharmacology, this book will enable them to provide care based on up-to-date knowledge of this important subject.

Introduction to pathophysiology and pharmacology
The Inflammatory Response
The Adaptive Immune Response
Nausea and Vomiting
Cardiovascular Disease and Hypertension
Respiratory Disease
Gastrointestinal Disease
Neurological Disease

We’ve chosen this as the core textbook for Year 2 Biology and have been impressed by the book. It is perfectly directed towards nursing students and explains concepts at the right level but makes them easy to understand.

Tom Walvin
Plymouth University

Fantastic resource - well structured, clearly written with realistic contextual examples. This book is useful for academic levels 3-7.

Mr Myles Harris
Faculty of Health & Social Care, London South Bank University
October 28, 2016

Useful text but is black and white, some students prefer colour pictures throughout.

Miss Mel Webb
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Bedfordshire University
October 25, 2016

This is a good textbook for general pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Miss Mel Webb
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Bedfordshire University
October 25, 2016

Useful text on pathophysiology with examples given. Good use of questions throughout. Would have preferred some pictures to be in colour, rather than just black and white.

Miss Mel Webb
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences, Bedfordshire University
October 18, 2016

This book is easy to understand and follow.

Lee-Anne Rylatt
School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Plymouth
September 26, 2016

We found this book especially useful for preparation of simulation sessions. The case studies provided serve as good pointers and templates for simulation scenarios. Students can then also more easily revise after practical sessions.

Mr Michael Klingenberg
Faculty of Health & Social Sciences, Leeds Beckett University
September 22, 2016

A core text for Pathophysiology. This text includes activities which link the content back to Patient centred scenarios.

Mrs lisa-marie rowe
School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of Plymouth
September 21, 2016

An excellence resource for all healthcare students and qualified professionals regarding pathophysiology and pharmacology including multiple choice questions at the end of each topic.

Mrs Yetunde Akinnuoye
Health and Social Sciences, Middlesex University
September 8, 2016

This book supplements existing core text books on medication management.

Ms Martina Martina Keane
Nursing , GMIT
August 24, 2016

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