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Peace and Conflict Studies

Peace and Conflict Studies

Fifth Edition

September 2021 | 740 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Peace and Conflict Studies sets the standard for an accessible introduction, a comprehensive exploration, and analysis of 21st-century world events – including updated coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Middle East, the Social Justice movements within the US, and Global Climate Change. The text examines current conflicts, explores the important aspects of positive peace, individual violence, nationalism, and terrorism, provides numerous visual aids, questions for further study, and suggested readings, and furnishes a comprehensive range of material to enlighten and enrich future discussion and encourage further academic pursuit. With a broad and authoritative scope, this introductory text chronicles a plethora of important global topics from pre-history to the present.

PART I: The Promise of Peace, the Problems of War
CHAPTER 1: The Meanings of Peace
CHAPTER 2: Peace Studies, Peace Education, and Peace Research
CHAPTER 3: The Meaning of War
CHAPTER 4: Terrorism and Counterterrorism
CHAPTER 5: Nuclear Weapons
PART II: The Causes of Wars
CHAPTER 6: The Individual Level
CHAPTER 7: The Group Level
CHAPTER 8: The State Level
CHAPTER 9: The Decision-Making Level
CHAPTER 10: The Ideological, Social, and Economic Levels
PART III: Building “Negative Peace”
CHAPTER 11: Peace Movements
CHAPTER 12: Diplomacy, Negotiations, and Conflict Resolution
CHAPTER 13: Disarmament and Arms Control
CHAPTER 14: International Cooperation
CHAPTER 15: Peace Through Strength?
CHAPTER 16: International Law
CHAPTER 17: Ethical and Religious Perspectives
PART IV: Building Positive Peace
CHAPTER 18: Human Rights
CHAPTER 19: Environmental Well-Being
CHAPTER 21: Economic Well-Being
CHAPTER 22: Democracy
CHAPTER 23: National Reconciliation
CHAPTER 24: Nonviolence
CHAPTER 25: The Coronavirus Pandemic
CHAPTER 26: The Personal and the Political
Key features


  • Significantly expanded content on global terrorism, a topic of high interest in today's current events, includes a new section on ISIS, as well as new scholarly references and data from the most recent Global Terrorism Index.
  • New material on key topics in world affairs today bring students up-to-date on income inequality, social justice, the current and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and global peace and nonviolence.
  • Coverage of recent developments in environmental politics and nuclear proliferation includes efforts to combat global climate change and the Iran nuclear agreement.
  • Updated coverage of cutting-edge military technologies includes discussions of nanotechnological devices, drones, robots and "terminator"-like weapons, space technologies, biological and chemical weapons, and current developments in cyberwarfare.
  • Updated chapters on Peace and Conflict Studies, Global Climate Change and the New Democracy Movements broaden the scope of the book.


  • An insightful combination of theoretical and historical insights with attention to significant recent events provides students with a solid grounding in peace and conflict studies.
  • Authoritative coverage of the important aspects of positive peace, individual violence, nationalism, and terrorism introduces readers to the key issues in the field.
  • Built-in learning aids, including numerous photos and visual aids, questions for further study, and suggested readings, help readers master key concepts.
  • A comprehensive range of material enlightens and enriches future discussion and encourages further academic pursuit.

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ISBN: 9781544369051