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Policing - Vantage Learning Platform

Policing - Vantage Learning Platform
The Essentials

July 2021 | SAGE Publications, Inc
ISBN: 978-1-0718-2131-2

About Policing

Offering a brief, accessible, and timely introduction, Policing: The Essentials, hones in on core concepts and provides strong coverage on the foundations of policing. Authors Carol A. Archbold, Carol M. Huynh, and Thomas Mrozla use contemporary scholarship to focus on the current climate of policing and criminal justice, crafting one of the most diverse and inclusive books for the policing course.

With unique chapters on police effectiveness and community policing, plus ample opportunities for critical thinking and application by the reader, Policing: The Essentials offers a close examination of what matters in policing today and provides students with the key information they need to understand modern policing practices in our society.

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Policing offers a brief and accessible introduction to the role of police and society. With unique chapters on police effectiveness and community policing and an emphasis on diversity in every chapter, this text gives students the key information they need to understand modern policing practices in our society. Policing - Vantage Digital Option delivers the trusted content from Carol A. Archbold, Carol M. Huynh, and Thomas Mrozla’s text on Sage Vantage, an intuitive digital platform that features auto-graded assignments and interactive multimedia tools—including assignable video—all carefully designed to ignite student engagement and drive critical thinking. It offers easy course setup and enables students to better prepare for class.
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Section 1. The History of the Police
Section 2. Progressing Beyond Traditional Policing
Section 3. The Scope of American Law Enforcement
Section 4. Police Officers and Police Culture
Section 5. Career Paths of Police Officers
Section 6. Police Organization and Leadership
Section 7. Patrol, Investigations, and Innovations in Technology
Section 8. Police Effectiveness
Section 9. Police Liability and Accountability
Section 10. Citizens and the Police: Perceptions and Interactions
Section 11. Discretion and the Police
Section 12. Police Deviance and Ethics
Section 13. Policing in the Present and Future


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  • Brief yet comprehensive, this easy to read text introduces students to policing without compromising on core content/topics.
  • Updated with the latest research, students are equipped with current and evidence-based policing practices.  
  • Incorporating aspects of diversity throughout the book rather than just a few chapters, students are able to develop a more comprehensive perspective and stronger social skills when encountering of people different than themselves.  
  • Unique chapters such as police effectiveness and community policing show students how to measure police effectiveness and share strategies for improving police–community relationships.

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