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Population Health Research

Population Health Research
Linking Theory and Methods

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November 1993 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Multidisciplinary in its approach, this innovative volume offers a comprehensive introduction to the methodological basis of population health research--and a critical assessment of theoretical issues affecting the quality of research on health and behavior. Moving away from the traditional emphasis on experimental design and statistical effects, it provides evidence of the limitations of such approaches. Moreover, it clearly demonstrates the value of theory guided, multi-method approaches for research into the complex forces affecting health, health-related behavior, and the effectiveness of health services. Population Health Research serves both as a valuable text for research education in the health sciences and as an essential resource for researchers in public health, health research, epidemiology, and medical sociology.

Kathryn Dean
Kathryn Dean
Integrating Theory and Methods in Population Health Research
Matilda White Riley
A Theoretical Basis for Research on Health
Fredric D Wolinsky
Age, Period and Cohort Analyses of Health-Related Behaviour
John R Nesselroade and Scott L Hershberger
Intraindividual Variability
Methodological Issues for Population Health Research

David V McQueen
A Methodological Approach for Assessing the Stability of Variables Used in Population Research on Health
Svend Kreiner
Validation of Index Scales for Analysis of Survey Data
The Sympton Index

David Cox
Some Aspects of Statistical Models
Joe Whittaker
Graphical Interaction Models
A New Approach for Statistical Modelling

Nanny Wermuth
Association Structures with Few Variables
Characteristics and Examples

Gerhard Arminger
Specification and Estimation of Latent Variable Models
Kathryn Dean, Svend Kreiner and David V McQueen
Researching Population Health
New Directions


`Should prove a useful resource for experienced quantitative researchers and a challenge to those seeking to strengthen the theoretical basis of empirical research' - Journal of Biosocial Science

`Kathryn Dean, the editor, heads (and reiterates) the thesis that complexity is involved in causal health processes and that this must be reflected in research on population health issues. Hence, the book focuses on alternative research that involves the collection and analysis of complex information about health issues (eg ageing, AIDS, quality of life etc.) from population groups. An exciting introduction discusses the challenges and proposes the approaches to causal modelling as the way to provide new types of knowledge in the field.... New directions for research, with emphasis on the link between theory and methods - which should be expected to be reflected in the bulk of teaching and research - are covered precisely in the last chapter. This is recommended for scientists with an alternative view of causal research, working in the interdisciplinary field of public health' - European Journal of Public Health

`A stimulating discussion of some important methodological issues... This is a book which should be in your library' - Medical Sociology News

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